Less Annoying Traffic by NFSkuba04

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Less Annoying Traffic

Less Annoying Traffic by NFSkuba04

Do you often get infuriated when a stupid minivan or a TRAFPIZZA slows you down and causes you to lose the race?
Well do I have a mod for you!

Maybe it won't delete the traffic from Career, but it'll strip the cars down, so they barely slow you down after collision.

How to install this bad boi:

-Open up NFS VltEd 4.6 (this mod is built on this version, so it's a requirement), preferrably as administrator
-Go to File -> Open (or use Ctrl + O if you like keys) and open up your game's directory
-Go to File -> Import -> Modscript (or use Ctrl + I) and navigate the extracted 'install.nfsms' file
-Click Install in the dialogue box and wait a bit (if there are errors, ignore them, just like we all do)
-Go to File -> Save (or use Ctrl + S)
-Launch the game and enjoy being a public enemy #1

To uninstall, do the same thing but with uninstall.nfsms

Known bugs:
-Cars shake when in standstill


William (August 13, 2022 @ 20:24)
I don't know, but it appears to me that Rockport's people aren't quite satisfied with their lives, and all seem to want to meet their demise at the streets, by a speeding Supercar.

Thank you for the mod.

William (August 13, 2022 @ 20:23)
I plainly loathe how the traffic was designed in this game. How it becomes blindingly obvious that they are more often than not, placed exclusively in critical places where a swift pass is necessary to win, or to increase the likelihood of a victory. Sometimes they'll speed up to hinder your path in time, sometimes they'll slow down for the same end, and will pursue more akin ways to pester the player.

Uploaded at: August 07, 2022 @ 00:17