NFS Most Wanted Simple Night Mod by my cat

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NFS Most Wanted Simple Night Mod


NFS Most Wanted night time mod

--modscript version AKA vlted--
First, extract the zip file anywhere.
How to install (if you don't know how):
1. Open VltEd 4.5
2. File -> Open and select NFS Most Wanted game folder
3. File -> Import -> Modscript and select night.nfsms, then click Install
4. File -> Save
5. Run NFS Most Wanted

--modloader version---
Work In Progress

i can't figure out how to turn on the street lights
i can't remove the sun
to turn on night time mode, set visual treatment to high
to turn off night time mode, set visual treatment to low
no shader mods used

sorry for my bad english

bmw m3 gtr ryo watanabe vinyl by me


yosuamokalu (February 27, 2018 @ 16:25)
@osdever you're 100% correct, it is shitty and unfinished lol

osdever (February 27, 2018 @ 15:37)
Honestly it's kinda shitty and unfinished, no offense

yosuamokalu (February 27, 2018 @ 14:52)
@AntonioCon2 yes, ms and ml can't run together. I'll make the ml version later after i finish my mid term exam

AntonioCon2 (February 27, 2018 @ 01:16)
This mod is great but I am confused. Aren't nfs modscripts incompatible with modloader?

Uploaded at: February 20, 2018 @ 09:43

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