YTM's Rim Pack [Addon] by YochiThMaster333

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YTM's Rim Pack [Addon]

v1.3: 7 new rim styles (6 from new brands, 1 from already existing brand (SSR)), 1 new tire style, changed ADR logo, fixed some rims whose duplicated LODs were accidentally deleted, altered American Racing AR500 mask texture
v1.2: 5 new rim styles (all from existing brands), replaced Shift 1&2 tire styles with new tire textures (due to the fact that I somehow made the seams in Shift 1&2 tire styles textures), some added rims received LODs, slight changes to two rims (RS Watanabe Eight Spoke, Veilside Andrew F)
v1.1: 28 new rim styles (24 from new brands (including OEM brand that includes various stock rims from various cars), 4 from already existing brands), 10 new tire styles, some rim models fixed
Addon rims pack that were converted from NFS Underground 2, NFS Undercover, NFS World, Shift 2 Unleashed, NFS Heat Studio, Forza Motorsport 2 & 4, Forza Horizon 4 & 5, Initial D Arcade Stage, Project CARS 3, Drift Spirits, Juiced 2, Real Racing 3, and Sketchfab.

- 41 vanilla rims that now use models from NFS World to enable tire customization
- 166 new rim styles to play with
- 28 tire styles to choose from

Known issues and problems around this mod:
- Due to stable rim style per brand limit is at 11, the icons of rims after 11th style is missing
- It is not compatible with Viper4K's rim pack or any other rim pack that is addon
- Most of added rims lack any LODs and can cause crash if you're using potato PC
- Perhaps not compatible with Aftrmrket Exotics' Tire Textures mods due to the fact that NFS World tire mapping is different than NFS Carbon tire mapping (Aftrmrket Exotics' Tire Textures use NFS Carbon tire mapping)

- NFSMW Unlimiter by nlgzrgn:
- Binary v2.8.3 by MaxHwoy:

- Run Binary as an administrator, click on red (User Mode) icon, then pick YTMRimPack.end and look for NFSMW game directory (ignore the errors if there are any)

- nfsu360 for making NFS-CarToolkit
- Oleg for making Zmodeler
- Bandai Namco, Electronic Arts (EA Black Box, Slightly Mad Studios, Ghost Games, Firemonkeys), Sega, Juice Games, Turn 10 Studios, Playground Games for making meshes and textures (rim styles from racing games)
- Guki, Mike Oxmaul/DARKSIDEOPG, DMN, Keihin7/gtb765, GL/Aiden Pirs/Galina Ivanova, Chipicao, GKRacer and Xenn for ripping meshes and textures
- Viper4K - for inspiration and sending me link to Mugen M7 rims (also sending the necessary .fng files made by nlg)
- nlgxzef/nlgzrgn - for .fng files that make all brands to be shown, no matter if player is in backroom or not
- Martin Trafas at Sketchfab - for making Mugen M7 rims model
- dotPDN for making
- YochiThMaster333 (me) for converting this car


YochiThMaster333 (September 04, 2022 @ 17:20)
@RKBDI I have no plans to convert them to NFSU2 for now.

RKBDI (August 12, 2022 @ 20:55)
Is it possible to port for UG2? 😩this looks sooooooo goood

YochiThMaster333 (August 12, 2022 @ 17:09)
@DBK 1. Speak English only. 2. I am not interested into adding uninstallers. Why you want me to add uninstaller?

DBK (August 12, 2022 @ 02:48)

Uploaded at: August 10, 2022 @ 21:19


872791-YTMRimPackv1-3.7z (Size: 20.26MB) Latest Version
72412d-YTMRimPackv1-2.7z (Size: 19.02MB) Old Version
29aecb-YTMRimPackv1-1.7z (Size: 18.29MB) Old Version