Undercover Exposed 1.3 by NI240SX, dark55588

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Undercover Exposed 1.3


Searching for a different NFS Undercover ? We have what you need...

From cars and customization, to a new visual identity, passing by career changes, altered AIs, new physics, quality of life improvements, and more, all exclusive and including never-seen features... Undercover Exposed both keeps the game as you know it and turns it into a new unique experience.
Don't get bored anymore, freeroam will become fun and races will be actually challenging, if you want them to !

Ready for the switch ? You'll just need the game, Binary and NFS-VltEd.
UCE 1.3 download link (24/12/2023) : click here
UCE 1.1 trailer (outdated) : https://youtu.be/zucSszi0ZOE
Follow the project on Discord : https://discord.gg/6SmqfBdwdx

Additional information
- The installation is modular and highly customizable, allowing you to customize "your" UCE.
- The mod isn't guaranteed to work properly on top of other mods. Installing other mods afterwards can lead to conflicts as well.
- UCE runs on any computer that can run the base game. However, we recommend maximum graphics for the best experience, and fast enough hardware to not ruin your gameplay with map loading issues.
- The mod has only been tested for the game version. It somewhat works on and but there's no official support yet, and the tools used don't support these versions properly.

UCE Team
NI240SX & dark55588

Other contributors
jeweleryoflight, Ariso, Fridge, AlbinoBuffalo80, budget_toaster1758

Models sourcing
GM25 (NFS Heat), Gamemodels.ru (DMN for Shift 2, Juiced 2), Frosty Editor (NFS Payback), NFS-CarToolkit (NFS C/PS/UC/W)

Tools used
NFS-VltEd/nfsu360, Binary/MaxHwoy, NFS-CarToolkit/nfsu360, CTKFixer/NI240SX, fire/NI240SX, MPFmaster/xan1242, tmxtool/The_Unpunished, SNR Tool, ZModeler2/oleg, paint.net, Inkscape, Blender, HxD



Erce (March 14, 2024 @ 15:36)
@domk001 what do you mean?

domk001 (January 15, 2024 @ 08:25)
What is the best game version to use the boss cars like rose's porsche in the carrier Mode?

NI240SX (January 01, 2023 @ 20:26)
Did you create a new savegame ? If yes, at first sight I don't know what could be the issue...
Maybe a bit more information (game version, is it original, a repack ..., any other issues encountered with other mods, etc) could be helpful.
I'd advise you to join our Discord server and bring your issue there so we can speak in real time.

Akjdm (December 31, 2022 @ 03:05)
Hey I just downloaded this mod and it looks and feels amazing. However, I find that anytime I try entering a race or the garage my game always crashes. I have tried redownloading the global, and frontend folders, yet it still crashes. any help would be appreciated as I really want this mod to work.

Binglar (December 30, 2022 @ 02:09)
no mabatsushi :O(

Uploaded at: August 14, 2022 @ 13:05


bf0f70-UCE 1.3 download link.zip (Size: 302 bytes) Latest Version
31f8b7-UCE CHRISTMAS PRERELEASE 1.2 download link.zip (Size: 338 bytes) Old Version
0e99c2-UCE BETA 1.1.1 HOTFIX download link.zip (Size: 970 bytes) Old Version