Undercover Exposed by NI240SX, dark55588

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Undercover Exposed


Searching for a different NFS Undercover ? We have what you need...

This pre-release 1.2 starts to actually affect everything. The game is fully playable, though some things will be polished and minor additions should be done between this pre-release and the former 1.2 release. The new save you'll have to create to enjoy this version will be usable in the former 1.2 too !

From new cars to camera settings, from new racer presets to a new visual identity, Undercover Exposed keeps the game and brings a whole new feeling to it.
Don't get bored anymore, freeroam will become fun and races could be actually challenging.

Ready for the switch ? You'll just need the game, Binary and NFS-VltEd.
Christmas prerelease 1.2 download link : click here
Watch our trailer (for version 1.1) : https://youtu.be/zucSszi0ZOE
Get more infos on Discord : https://discord.gg/6SmqfBdwdx

Additional information
- The installation is highly customizable and allows you to remove any component. The mod isn't guaranteed to work properly on top of other mods. Installing other mods afterwards can lead to conflicts as well.
- UCE runs on any computer that can run the base game. However, we recommend maximum graphics for the best experience, and fast enough hardware to not ruin your gameplay with map loading issues.
- The mod has only been tested for the game version. It may work on and but there's no official support yet.

Lead developers
NI240SX & dark55588

Other contributors

Tools used

Some of these screenshots are from older versions and may show bugs that are now fixed


depressing (March 10, 2023 @ 21:19)
Hey LordDevorkian? its a joke bro, u literally believed its real, please do not touch this site ever again as we dont tolerate gullible ahh mfs like u

LordDevorkian (January 25, 2023 @ 11:26)
Hey depressing? Gtfo of here with your rants, we don't tolerate your kind here. And nobody is going to give you any nfs game for free. It's sad that you sold your wife just because you can't afford a game. Also sad you sold your children too, this is not and will never be a site to ask for any game for free.

NI240SX (January 01, 2023 @ 20:26)
Did you create a new savegame ? If yes, at first sight I don't know what could be the issue...
Maybe a bit more information (game version, is it original, a repack ..., any other issues encountered with other mods, etc) could be helpful.
I'd advise you to join our Discord server and bring your issue there so we can speak in real time.

Akjdm (December 31, 2022 @ 03:05)
Hey I just downloaded this mod and it looks and feels amazing. However, I find that anytime I try entering a race or the garage my game always crashes. I have tried redownloading the global, and frontend folders, yet it still crashes. any help would be appreciated as I really want this mod to work.

Binglar (December 30, 2022 @ 02:09)
no mabatsushi :O(