Virtual Garage by cup_spill

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Virtual Garage

Update (Version 2.0)

  • Complete redesign to make this mod much more simple and to better resemble the original "black-void" Virtual Warehouse. Customizations to the space, such as the Variants and floor colours have been abandoned for a more streamlined mod where you can now just drop it in as one mod. However, the light colours are still included if you wish to use them.

  • New tube light arrangement with a basic white colour.

  • Condensed mods into two different versions, Showcase and Solo.

  • Updated readme file.


This mod replaces the normal garage environment with the Virtual Warehouse, which is typically only used for the car warehouse itself, the main menu, and the dealership/swap vehicle menu at Day Events. It functions just like the normal garage, but now in the void-like virtual environment.

Pictured: Solo Version.

I figured I'd gotten a bit carried away with the "customizable garage" bit, which was more complex and a lot more work than it probably needed to be for a lot of combinations that didn't turn out the best. So with 2.0, I've decided to reign it all in to be not only much more simple, but to be more in line with the vanilla Virtual Warehouse, which fits the game a bit better. There two versions, Showcase, and Solo, with Showcase adding more tube lights for the cars in the background, and Solo without them.


  • In Mod Manager, you'll want to put this below any mod that may affect the Virtual Warehouse in any way for the best result. Unite 3.2 is the only bigger mod I've tested it with, so I am unsure about any others.

  • It affects every instance of the Virtual Warehouse in the game, so those other areas may not look as clean as they should, as everything was adjusted mainly for the garage.

  • Because of how it works, the environment the garage is in is simply swapped, but the layout remains the same, which is why two of the cars in the background just float in midair. They would normally be on platform lifts, but due to the environment change, those lifts are no longer there. Perhaps there is workaround for it, but I am currently not aware of how to solve this for now.

  • Paint types with higher levels of reflectivity like metallic and especially chrome may not look as nice. The new tube light arrangement around your main car should help improve this a bit by adding some more light sources and reflections.


  • quiksilvur for information on swapping the environments
  • Project Unite team (from Unite 2.2) for tube light locations and light intensity changes


Maxee (August 21, 2022 @ 21:40)
Could you please upload the mod to get that awesome spoiler on the 350z?

GrabussPC (August 19, 2022 @ 10:55)

Uploaded at: August 18, 2022 @ 21:51