Relentless Cops (Heat) by JackJohnson

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Relentless Cops (Heat)


Heat was if not the last good modern nfs game, their cops were great but what about if i crank this up by a notch.

This mod was designed to work on version 1.0 Standard Edition which it's the first version of the game

- Improved AI Cop Chaser and Cop Racing Trait
- Cargo Cop cars now change to a night version for more consistency
- Increase Base Fine when getting busted or wrecked
- Removal of punch notifications when rhino is spawned to avoid annoyance
- Increase Cooldown Time about 15 Seconds
- Killswitch vehicle is now switched from charger to Corvette
- Improved Pursuit system by having rhino and roadblock spawn on daytime and Improved aggressiveness on night time
- Buffed police vehicles especially corvette to be able to keep up with you on 400+ car(No chance if you had good skill and/or using overpowered car)
- Removed roadblock and some other POI like dead cop, rhino on the map, etc
- *Version 2* Fixes Aggression of the cops
- *Version 2.5* Improved Race Line Skill on Hard Cop Racing Trait(Corvette) and some other minor changes and fixes
- 9/16/22 22:04 Added icon to the fbmod file
- *Version 3* Disabled All Fallback value on each cop trait
- *Version 3* Made some changes to AI Maneuver Prefab
- *Version 3.5* Nerfed cop Dodge charger srt8 performance for a bit of balance
- *Version 3.5* Some other changes were made in this version
- *Version 4* Improved max target range on pursuit
- *Version 4* Some other changes were made in this version that i can't documented here
- 10/14/22 Updated Install Instructions in the readme file and nfsmods description
- *Version 4.1* Updated Cop Car Specs and Nitrous along with some other changes
- *Version 4.1 Revision 3* Separating Localization mod from my main mod due to compatibility error when playing on non-english version of the game and bundle into one as a fbcollection zip file
- *Version 4.2* Changes to Cop car drift config and other pursuit stuff
- *Version 5* Remade the mod in new version of the tool
- *Version 5.1* Some other changes and fix
- *Version 6* Changes in the Aggression Tactics
- *Version 6.1* Fixes Aggression of the cops by having highest number of HitReactionDamageThreshold in each cop trait
- *Version 6.1* Some other changes were made in this version
- *Version 6.1.1* Fixes were made in First Night Mission in terms of the cop spawn
- *Version 6.1.1* Changes in the Aggression Tactics
- *Version 6.1.1 Hotfix* Reverting InputDelay from 0 to back to its value that i modified due to being less aggressive for some reason
- *Version 7* Increased Aggression Probability
- *Version 7* Changes on the Cop Spawn Behaviour
- *Version 7 Revision 2* Modified DecreaseCopMaxCount to higher value rather than setting it to -1
- *Version 7.1* Changes in the aggression tactics and the other things
- *Version 8* Changes in aimaneuverprefab startingcriteria to make the cops more aggressive than before
- *Version 8* Some other changes were made in this version
- *Version 8 Revision 2* Increase Aggression Probability on aimaneuverprefab, max heat level and pursuitgamemode
- *Version 8 Revision 2* Made some changes to maneuvertimeout on aimaneuverprefab
- *Version 8 Revision 2* Some other changes were made in this version
- *Version 8 Revision 3* Other changes were made in this version
- *Version 9* Set all of the probability back to 100% because it felt less aggressive somehow
- *Version 9* Decreased spawndistance by a hundred meters of range(-100 from original)
- *Version 9 Revision 2* Changed ManeuverTimeOut to a value that can be divided by many numbers and at the same time the amount of seconds is lower than in original
- *Version 9 Revision 3* Made some changes in AiManeuverPrefab Starting Criteria
- *Version 10* Changes in the cop cars specs
- *Version 10* Some other changes were made in this version

There is 2 version inside:

- File Replace
- Frosty Mod Manager


Steps for File Replace Version:

1. Download Frosty Tools or later
2. Extract Downloaded archive to somewhere
3. Go to the folder that you just extracted and then thirdparty folder
4. Copy cryptbase.dll file in that folder to root of game directory
5. Then Copy the PATCH folder inside that extracted directory to the Game directory and that was it

The positive of using the file replace version is you can launch it directly on the executable, No software was needed next time you want to play again.

Important NOTE: Backup the folder before applying the mod just in case you want to roll back to original one

Steps for Frosty Mod Manager Version:

1. Download Frosty mod manager or later
2. Extract the downloaded archive to somewhere
3. Double Click the main executable
4. Click New and then point to the NFS Heat Executable on the game directory and select it
5. Double click the profile that frosty detected it
6. Enter the Decryption key by looking up FrostyENC.txt and then copy the password to the field and then click ok
7. Update the SDK by following what the message tell you and after that just hit done
8. Reopen the program again and double click the profile again from before
9. Click Add mod and select ""
10. Click the mod and then click install mod by the right arrow
11. After that, you just had to launch the game and the mod will be applied

NOTE: Next time you want to play with that mod you had to use that program again, launching directly through executable will NOT do because the software doesn't applied on the game directory at all, instead it was on the separate ModData Directory.

Build it on Frosty Editor Heat Version 1.0 Standard Edition

Have fun getting away from reckless cops



Cozzyboy78 (September 16, 2022 @ 15:43)
Hey man just letting you know if you'd like I can help you get more cops into pursuits if you'd like I've found out how to get more cops into a chase other than just 7

Uploaded at: September 06, 2022 @ 10:59


478eb9-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V10-FINAL.7z (Size: 12.95MB) Latest Version
bbefd1-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V9-R3-FINAL.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
287a3c-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V9-R2-FINAL.7z (Size: 13.08MB) Old Version
336dc7-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V9-FINAL.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
15e122-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V8-R3-FINAL.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
b1fa8b-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V8-R2-FINAL.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
c71138-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V8-FINAL.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
306bc1-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V7.1.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
8b8c92-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V7-R2-FINAL.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
aa790b-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V7-FINAL.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
c4965a-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V6.1.1-R3.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
9e8021-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V6.1.1-FINAL-Hotfix.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
480b7a-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V6.1.1-FINAL.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
068343-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V6.1.7z (Size: 13.08MB) Old Version
9608fc-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V6.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
4cb00e-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V5.1.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
4218f2-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V5.1.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
2806e0-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V5.7z (Size: 13.08MB) Old Version
381364-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V4.2.7z (Size: 13.08MB) Old Version
888722-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V4.1-R3.7z (Size: 13.07MB) Old Version
9052a5-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V4.1-R2.7z (Size: 12.8MB) Old Version
5723d2-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V4.1.7z (Size: 12.8MB) Old Version
f4be60-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V4-R2.7z (Size: 12.8MB) Old Version
9b4d51-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V4-R2.7z (Size: 12.8MB) Old Version
6434bc-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V4.7z (Size: 12.8MB) Old Version
7b7593-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V3.5-R2.7z (Size: 12.79MB) Old Version
ca8b7b-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V3.5.7z (Size: 12.75MB) Old Version
739360-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V3.7z (Size: 12.74MB) Old Version
480fbb-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V2.5-R2.7z (Size: 12.74MB) Old Version
5a1264-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V2.5-R2.7z (Size: 12.71MB) Old Version
e980d7-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V2.5-R2.7z (Size: 12.72MB) Old Version
087538-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V2.5.7z (Size: 12.72MB) Old Version
d98ed8-NFSH_Relentless_Cops_V2.7z (Size: 11.88MB) Old Version
4412ea-NFSH_Relentless_Cops.7z (Size: 11.88MB) Old Version
7918e4-NFSH_Relentless_Cops.7z (Size: 11.88MB) Old Version