NFS Shift 2 Patch 1.2 by Kore

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NFS Shift 2 Patch 1.2

Requires UCP to be installed (
Beware Windows 11 users; the OS has a very concerning issue of not allowing to use cmd or powershell at all, even in admin mode, so the installation of the ucp can fail
On top of that there's a chance of JSGME not working at all

This mod is a major physics mod for the game, this redo all the cars with new physics.
The goal of this mod is to standardize all the in-game upgrades and physics to unite all the car mods under a same system.
This is the origin version, the steam version will be uploaded in other pages due the page guidelines
-Integrated some other mods to the patch so you can avoid installing it, those are
--Reworked sunlight (without shaders)
--Hidden cars
-Remade all the engines used in all the cars, with some new additions so now all cars ave a more "natural" torque curve and a different amount of back torque
-Change the weight to its curb weight (based mostly under the DIN or UE protocols)
-Change the inertia based on the ptmu's file
--*There is some modification when the weight is less than a ton
-Change the base drag to the real coefficient of drag (or at least the best approximate i can find)
-Remade the entire turbo system, so the supercharger can have faster reaction compared to the turbos, and the bigger the turbos are, the more time are going to build up its total boost
-Remake the entire gearing system, now that include the race mods too
-Redesign the entire tire system, using the ptmu's slip curve, mixing both ptmu and g-tyres system, with some og code as well
-Total Redesign of the modification system, now all are ordered in a more linear, but simpler order, making the modding of new vehicles easier
-Design a new suspension geometry since all the og geometries are just double a arms in front and back
-With the new suspension geometry i remade the entire suspension configuration in the chassis file
-Increase the ai passes per tick and decrease the helps of the AI so it behaves more "naturally"
-Make a new design for the generic speedometer
-Make some changes to the ai behavior in some tracks because they usually overshoot the road
-Make some modifications to the career races so now all the class types (legends and retro) can be selected in the modern races
-Increased the number of laps in the "modern" events
-Deleted the "sepia" effect on old tracks
-The Statistic of the car know are going to be what i measure with in-game data so that's going to be some differences with the real world data
-Change the cars of invitational c and b class because of the new stats
-The boss races now has a fixed range now so now you only can use a car between -100/+50 of the boss ip car
-Except for the Lexus LFA, the Toyota supra and the dodge challenger, the rest of the sh cars had an engine swap for slightly more powerful engines
-Put 7-speed transmission the Koenigsegg Agera, Gumpert Apollo and other cars who had stock but uses different gears
-Make a new suspension for the lancer sh
-Change the class from road to race (GTX) Of some of the VIP cars and most of the race-like ones
-Changed the sound of all the Paganis so now you can hear an actual engine and not a hellish scream
-Make a new engine for the Nissan GT-R V spec, the boss 930 and the sh rx-7
-Added a 6 speed transmission in both SLR race modification (applies too to the SL65)
-Removed the R8 spyder swap engine
-Added a new class to the drift boss, so now you can use his car in the muscle class too
--Unify the z4m and e46 m3 since both share engine
-Replace the Caterham R500 speedometer
-Solved a problem with the sound of the Alfa Romeo 8c (applies to the spyder version too)
-Modified the best way i can the GT40 engine sound
-Add a 7-speed transmission in the race Cayman and a 6 one in the challenger
-Make modification to the race gearing on multiple cars
-Removed The Lexus Is-F Swap
-Changed the swaps of both z, so now they have a street VK engine instead of the racing one
-Heavy redesign of fwd engines
--In this case unlikely the previous cases, almost all sports fwd cars have the same engine (a bad designed VW 2.0) regardless of its brand
-Add some engine swaps for some cars, this is more to experimentation but some can stay
-Both RX7's now will have for swap the 20B-REW from the eunos cosmos, and the mx5 sadly will have it swap possibly removed

-Now as a side note some cars will have a negative ip, those can only be raced in quick events until they reach an ip of zero, and for the mini until 50 in its special event, if you try to buy it from the race menu you will softlock the game, so be careful


Neon114 (May 14, 2024 @ 18:12)
A suggestion. Add the M3 GT2 sound as a engine swap for every BMW except M6. Or just E92 M3.

SoullessPhantom26 (May 14, 2024 @ 17:36)
will this fix the handling for the cars?

Kore (May 04, 2024 @ 03:17)
It works with pirated version and you go to the code tab, click in the code green button and download zip

Lejax (April 28, 2024 @ 07:11)
Does it work with pirate version? Also, how can I download the github thing?

carmanguy (March 10, 2024 @ 10:36)
Mod Works like a dream even with the compatible files mod. makes for a whole new experience for shift 2 and worth coming back to. honestly i thought i would screw up doing but no, simple and easy to do. thanks again for this.

Uploaded at: September 12, 2022 @ 21:09


c8a638-0C Need For Speed Shift 2 Patch 1.2.rar (Size: 26.8MB) Latest Version
bbd5e4-0C Need For Speed Shift 2 Patch 1.2.rar (Size: 26.8MB) Old Version
804a6b-0C Need For Speed Shift 2 Patch 1.2.rar (Size: 26.2MB) Old Version