Camaro ZL1 sound based of a IRL experience by Raimo

Category: Sounds | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

Camaro ZL1 sound based of a IRL experience



this time I wanted to replicate the sound of a Camaro that I had the opportunity to see and hear IRL

unfortunately I have no video, but yes of the mod:

bugs: none (so far)

update v1.1: updated readme.txt and description

Terminator_Vasya: for helping me test the mod during development (and video)
7ndrew: For the tutorial on how to extract .gin files from MW12,
that in this case I reversed the process to import new sound
you: for downloading my mod <3

make sure to make a backup of the vanilla file

If you have a suggestion, don't worry, I'll do it ;P

my goals are inside here if you want to take a look:


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