Compatibility files for patch 1.2 by Kore

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Compatibility files for patch 1.2

Requres UCP and the patch 1.2 to work
Use JSGME to install it
This needs to go AFTER the patch 1.2 (0C) and BEFORE any car pack (0E/0F)
Since this thing will be constantly updated if you obtain a new version just
drag and drop the new files into the base folder, and replace the old files

Since the patch makes every other mod incompatible they need to be manually reworked, this is a mod designed to make all the compatible cars "drag and play".
This adds some minor modifications that the base patch doesn't have, mostly new tires and drivetrain upgrades.
Now to avoid breaking rules im just going to put a list of the currently compatible cars for the patch, juts as a sidenote at this current date only a couple are fitted with the current patch standarts for more info check the gt planet thread

A class

Ferrari F50 GT
Ferrari FXX
Ferrari F430 GTC
Ferrari F430 Challenge
Ferrari F430 Scuderia
Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider
Porsche 911 GT1
Ferrari 575 GTC
Dodge Viper GTS-R '99
Pagani Zonda GR
Lotus Type 49 B (Highly Unstable)
Porsche 935/79
Ferrari 512 BB LM
Ferrari 512 BB Competizione
Amuse S2000 GT1
McLaren M6GT
Ferrari F40
Ferrari F50
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
RUF CTR "Yellowbird"
Bugatti Chiron

B class

Ferrari F430 Spider
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
Ferrari 575M Superamerica
Ferrari California 30
BMW M4 (F82)
BMW M5 (E60)
BMW M5 (E34)
BMW M5 (E39)
BMW M5 (F10)
BMW M6 (F12)
Tesla Roadster (Unstable)
Saleen S281SC
Mercedes SLK 55 AMG (R132)

C class

BMW 535i (E28)
BMW CSL 3.0 (E9)
BMW 535i (E39)
BMW M635i (E24)
De Tomaso Pantera L
Toyota Celica Gt-Four (ST205)
VW New Beetle Turbo S
Toyota Camry SE

D class

Honda Fit Sport
Mazda 2
Nissan Micra
Peugeot 107
Toyota Yaris
VW Voyage
Honda Del Sol SiR
Scania 113H
Morgan 3 Wheeler


Yuza66 (October 19, 2022 @ 00:11)
all right, thanks

Kore (October 18, 2022 @ 07:33)
Unfortunately i dont have the time to make a video, but here is one that shows how to do it
From the time stamp until the 4:05 mark is the required steps for installing this mod, and everything that i upload here

Yuza66 (October 17, 2022 @ 14:01)
i need an video tutorial to install it

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