Speedbreaker, but it's ZA WARUDO - Star Platinum Patch by NFSkuba04

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Speedbreaker, but it's ZA WARUDO - Star Platinum Patch


Speedbreaker, but it's ZA WARUDO
by NFSkuba04

-Changes SB's activation and deactivation sounds to Za Warudo's time stop and time resume respectively
-Also changes the SB's icon to Za Warudo's sexy face (optional)

v2.0: STAR PLATINUM PATCH - Star Platinum version added
v1.0: Initial release

-Before you fiddle with game files, make backups. It's very important.
-Choose either Original or Star Platinum version, depending on your liking.
-Copy the SOUND folder to your game directory (Brotip: use RMB on your game's shortcut and click "Open file's location") and click Yes on any dialogue box on the way.
-OPTIONAL: Do the same with GLOBAL folder.
-And that's it, enjoy your JoJo reference.

-id-daemon on Zenhax forum - audio bank decoders
-Audacity - Audacity 3.2
-CrabGazette - ABK Insert
-Opex Rah on Discord - helping me out
-dotPDN LLC - paint.net
-You - downloading this mod


ed13 (October 03, 2022 @ 16:30)
Wow! This is hard work. Nice job! From Russia with like.

Uploaded at: September 27, 2022 @ 13:39