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Unreleased Races | Need For Speed Heat

There are some hidden day races/tracks in the game that were never publicly released, there are 3 normal race tracks and at least one offroad track that I know of, there may be more but I haven't discovered them yet; these tracks will not show up on the map and you'll have to drive to their specific locations to access and play them, I haven't tested whether these work in online mode or not and I wouldn't recommend doing so either since I won't be responsible if your account gets banned or a suspended or your statistics get reset as a result of a ban, however, I've been playing on these tracks OFFLINE personally for a few days and playing on regular tracks online and I haven't faced any suspension or ban.

If you don't want to download this mod but still want to play these unreleased races, then open Frosty Editor, select your NFS Heat Executable, go into the frosty editor search bar and type EnableAllEvents once you've typed that, go into the Gameplay folder that shows up click on Debug, then look at your bottom left side and there'll be the EnableAllEvents text, double click on it and change the default value from false to true by manually typing it and then launch your game and the races will show up at their specific location(s).

Race 1 Location:

Race 2 Location:

Race 3 Location:


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Uploaded at: October 04, 2022 @ 22:20

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