Volkswagen Beetle 63 | NFS HP10 by TKRFX

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)

Volkswagen Beetle 63 | NFS HP10

Volkswagen Beetle 63

Bored of this game having outdated, boring, old-fashioned cars?. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the fabulous vocho
one of the most wonderful and spectacular cars created by man, with an unmatched design that any 10 million dollar super car would want to have
  • Vocho best car
  • Garbage quality mod
  • Replace: 370z roadster

  • No damage
  • Collision out of bound
  • Misplaced flashlights

  • FRANNCO1099

You are not allowed to re-upload the mod to any other website, nor use it in repacks, nor use it for anything else


BadHairDay (October 09, 2022 @ 03:02)
"Garbage quality mod" you are being too hard on yourself lol. This is awesome!!! I love the contrast of seeing this classic in a game that otherwise only features modern super cars. It looks beautiful with HP2010 graphics!

[Deleted Account] (October 08, 2022 @ 16:38)
based as fuck

Stamp05 (October 07, 2022 @ 16:52)
create a nissan tsuru, by the way incredible mod

Uploaded at: October 06, 2022 @ 04:21