BMW M4 DTM - 2017 mod by Gman369

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

BMW M4 DTM - 2017 mod


To install this mod first backup your Vehicles folder from your game
location folder, then place VEH_1160350_HI and VEH_1160350_LO to #Nfsmw12_Directory#/VEHICLES.

Bmw M4 Dtm - 2017 replaces the Srt Viper


- Mod Created By Gman369

- Car model and textures where taken from here: Website link 

- NFS BNDL Model Challenger was used to create this mod: Website link


GMAN369 (October 08, 2022 @ 21:45)
@peter918tools Because M3 GTR is a dlc car so some people might not have it, and i want this mod to be accessible to as many people as possible, i think the m3 is in the heroes DLC.

peter918tools (October 08, 2022 @ 21:37)
why do you replaced the Viper instead of M3 GTR? btw I like the mod, look like Vanilla

GMAN369 (October 07, 2022 @ 23:27)
@EeManAGERA lul ty

Uploaded at: October 07, 2022 @ 19:27