NFSPS: Camera Preset by NRx51D

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NFSPS: Camera Preset

A personal preset I've been using for a while, a nice balance beetween the vanilla cameras and Aero's camera mod.
Showcase Video

-Increased FOV at speed
-Far camera got an increase in height for better visibility, inspired by the TDU series
-cameras are much less "attached" to the car
-Shake has been reduced to the accelleration vibrations and N20, homewhever if you want to get rid of it completely you can do that on the installer

-Adjusted gear change pullback and direction duration

NFS-VltEd 4.6 by nfsu360


- Open VltEd (4.6) and select your NFS Prostreet folder (Ctrl+O)
- Import the "ImportMe.nfsms" (Ctrl+I)
- Save the changes (Ctrl+S)
- Enjoy ;)

I hope you'll enjoy ProStreet in a better way with this mod, if not
some feedback is always appreciated in the mod's comment section!

• nfsu360 for providing NFS-VltEd to the community
• Aero_'s Camera Mod for passively speeding up the "value finding"

Close Camera

Far Camera


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Uploaded at: October 17, 2022 @ 23:39