2020 Porsche 991.2 RSR GTE by Xpr3xa

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2020 Porsche 991.2 RSR GTE

Mod Creator: Xpr3xa#0225
Model Source: Real Racing 3 (Gamemodels.ru)

This is a addon T3 car for NFS Carbon. Unlocks after getting Gold in the 3rd Race Wars with it and is purchasable for $1,350,000

It has no real upgrades, as it is a track car, but it features a part tuning system so you can adjust your gearing/suspension/tires/brakes/engine limiter as you please.

Semi UV Mapped Body (aka Vinyl Support)
Extra Customization Mod Decal Support (Front Decal is not present as it doesn't fit the car)
2 Selectable wraps (Couldn't get the third one to work, will update later possibly)
Carbon Fiber Bodykit
Custom Performance (Semi Accurate)
Custom Sound
Tunable Perf (The upgrades just give you the ability to tune the car as you please, no actual perf differences past tuning since it is a racecar)
Updated Challenge Series Event as a unlockable
All LODs
Custom Race Tire Tread
Available to buy after beating the Challenge series race with it for $1,350,000 (get yo money up not yo funny up)
Properly mapped light, exhaust, and brake markers
Proper String Naming
Custom Wheel Support

Known Bugs:
No Part Customization (No Hoods, Spoilers, and potentially roof scoops, why would this have ricer parts lmao)
Weird bodyroll when driving, will adjust but for now it is not that noticeable
Front Decals are not mapped, for the obvious reason that the front window already has a set decal
Tire Textures can't be swapped as this uses a Custom Tire Tread

Update 1.1: Badge Texture fix and new intro for the challenge series race

Installation Instructions:

-A functional brain
-Binary (Any copy past V2.0)
-NFS VltEd (4.5 or 4.6)
-A PC that can run Carbon
-NFS Carbon
1. Unpack the File you just downloaded (Using Winrar or 7zip)
2. Copy and Paste the SOUNDS folder from here (The Folder) into your NFS Directory. Replace anything that comes up
3. Import "InstallScript.nfsms" using NFS VLTed 4.5 or 4.6 (Make sure you run as administrator!)
4. Save your changes and close NFS VLTed
5. Run Binary as administrator and select user mode
6. A prompt will pop up after, asking you to select a .end file. Choose the file that says "install.end" (Located in the mod folder)
7. It will install and ask you to save after. Click "Yes" and "Run game"
8. Done! Now the car should be successfully installed to your game

If you have any questions or problems installing the car you can contact me on discord at Xpr3xa#0225 or at https://discord.gg/fwG6djykUB


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Uploaded at: October 22, 2022 @ 00:59