Hennessey Venom Car Pack by Xpr3xa

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

Hennessey Venom Car Pack

First off thanks to these people for the help in creation of this mod
Soup#1146 for converting/making the car logos, helping improve the end script, and valuable feedback on performance testing
Toshiyma Joshima for the sound files

Mod Creator: Xpr3xa#0225
Model Source: Real Racing 3 (Venom GT), Project Cars 3 (Venom F5) (Gamemodels.ru)

This mod contains 3 addon cars for NFS Carbon.
The Hennessey Venom GT unlocks after completing the Route 21 Racewars event in Challenge Series and is purchasable for $1,200,000

The Hennessey Twin Turbo Viper 1000 TT unlocks after beating Angie's Canyon race in Silverton in any career path. Is purchasable for $215,000

The Hennessey Venom F5 unlocks after beating Darius's final Canyon event during any career path. Is purchasable for $2,120,000

These cars have no performance upgrades, as they are already pre-tuned cars from Hennessey.

Semi UV Mapped Body (aka Vinyl Support)
Extra Customization Mod Support
Custom Performance (Semi Accurate, both Venoms use IRL gear ratios and engine rpm)
Semi Accurate Sound (Carbon for some reason doesn't play Decel gins, so i tried my best to make it sound somewhat good)
Updated Challenge Series Events
Updated Unlockables
Updated Unlock Strings
All LODs
High Quality tire tread reused from Hot Pursuit Remastered
Beating Final Darius race gives you $5,000,000 to buy and upgrade all 3 cars
Angie's Silverton canyon race gives you $125,000 instead of the normal $25,000
Properly mapped light, exhaust, and brake markers
Custom Wheel Support for all three cars
Adapted Bumpers and wing for the Venom GT
Supported Custom Spoilers for all 3 cars


alexdivi96 (October 07, 2023 @ 17:13)
Sorry and sound Cars nfsmw05 vs nfsmw12??


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