[NFSUB] Camera Toolkit by ARCHIE

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[NFSUB] Camera Toolkit


The tool to control in-game camera and its various features.
Tested only on LICENSED non-trial version of game with the latest updates installed. No support for cracked or trial versions to be expected.

- Free mode.
- Attach to car.
- Look at car.
- Force LOD.
- Game speed, allows changing game's speed or pause it entirely.
- Create camera nodes and play tracks in each mode.
- Hide in-game HUD to make clean shots.
- All parts optional, meaning you can remove all of them from your car.
- No vinyl restrictions, makes all vinyls paintable and mirrorable.
- No item restrictions, removes all restrictions from visual car parts, meaning you can now, for example,
combine bumpers and fenders that are not meant to be installed together.
- All items purchasable, makes all items to have purchasable flag set to true, for example unlock some character poses.
- No ignore UI item tag, removed IgnoreUI tag from all items, for example legendary parts on S14 are now visible.
- Various Visual Environment settings.
- Animation controller.
- Custom light placement.

How to use:
1. Drop "CameraToolKit" folder anywhere on your PC.
2. Launch the game and alt-tab.
3. Launch "CameraToolKit.exe".
4. Edit settings to you liking, after that press Inject button.
5. Go back to the game window.

Default Hotkeys:
Toggle UI - F1
Toggle camera - F2
Toggle HUD - Caps Lock
Pause game - F5

Add camera node - 1
PlayTrack - 2
StopTrack - 3

Move camera up - Y
Move camera down - H
Move camera left - J
Move camera right - L
Move camera forward - I
Move camera backward - K

Roll camera left - U
Roll camera right - O

Increase FOV - -
Decrease FOV - =

Toggle checked - Num 5
Toggle hood - Num 8
Toggle left door - Num 4
Toggle right door - Num 6
Toggle trunk - Num 2
Toggle left window - Num 7
Toggle right window - Num 9

You are NOT allowed to distribute or reupload this mod.

- Dear ImGui by Omar Cornut
- PolyHook by Stephen Eckels
- Cinematic Tools by Matti Hietanen

For any questions or details on how to use - join my Discord server.

Made by ARCHIE

Update 1.5.0:
- Added Light Tab, allowing to place custom lights in game world.
- Replaced Polyhook with custom one.

Update 1.4.0:
- Added Save/Load feature for Visuals
- Added Save/Load feature for Tracks
- Added Sky visual component
- Some UI changes

Update 1.3.0:
- Added hide character feature
- Added settings window

Update 1.2.1:
- Fixed camera movement when game is freezed
- Fixed no vinyl restrictions
- Added toggle all checked parts hot key
- Animation slider will now show the state when part is toggled

Update 1.2.0:
- Added Animation Controller
- Fixed camera rotation hotkeys
- Fixed an issue, when camera could attach to cars other then player's car.

Update 1.1.2:
- Added shadowmap resolution
- Fixed camera being stuck when game is freezed
- Fixed potential crash when using attach to car mode in multiplayer
- Fixed camera issue that made some world decals dissapear

Update 1.1.1:
- Added UI scale
- Updated to latest game version

Update 1.1.0:
- Added visuals tab
- Added depth of filed
- Added outdoor lighting
- Added shaders
- Added console log output


Raintsly (February 05, 2023 @ 15:58)
I have the full version of the game. Im not sure why it cant find it. Do i need to be offline?

Archie (February 05, 2023 @ 15:34)
No, I meant trial version of the game

Raintsly (February 05, 2023 @ 15:05)
Do I need to pay for it. If not then where can i get the full version because I downloaded it off of here

Archie (February 05, 2023 @ 10:10)
Maybe you are using Trial version or Datapath fix

Raintsly (February 05, 2023 @ 03:37)
For some reason it always cant find my nfs unbound as a process and the error always pops up

Uploaded at: December 08, 2022 @ 08:44


99acaa-[NFSUB]CameraToolKit_1.5.0.rar (Size: 788.77KB) Latest Version
daa7ac-[NFSUB]CameraToolKit_1.4.0.rar (Size: 1.21MB) Old Version
91679e-[NFSUB]CameraToolKit_1.3.0.rar (Size: 1.2MB) Old Version