[NFSUB] Camera Toolkit by ARCHIE

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[NFSUB] Camera Toolkit


The tool to control in-game camera and its various features.
Tested only on LICENSED non-trial version of game with the latest updates installed. No support for cracked or trial versions to be expected.

- Free mode.
- Attach to car.
- Look at car.
- Force LOD.
- Game speed, allows changing game's speed or pause it entirely.
- Create camera nodes and play tracks in each mode.
- Hide in-game HUD to make clean shots.
- All parts optional, meaning you can remove all of them from your car.
- No vinyl restrictions, makes all vinyls paintable and mirrorable.
- No item restrictions, removes all restrictions from visual car parts, meaning you can now, for example,
combine bumpers and fenders that are not meant to be installed together.
- All items purchasable, makes all items to have purchasable flag set to true, for example unlock some character poses.
- No ignore UI item tag, removed IgnoreUI tag from all items, for example legendary parts on S14 are now visible.
- Various Visual Environment settings.
- Animation controller.
- Custom light placement.

How to use:
1. Drop "CameraToolKit" folder anywhere on your PC.
2. Launch the game and alt-tab.
3. Launch "CameraToolKit.exe".
4. Edit settings to you liking, after that press Inject button.
5. Go back to the game window.

Default Hotkeys:
Toggle UI - F1
Toggle camera - F2
Toggle HUD - Caps Lock
Pause game - F5

Add camera node - 1
PlayTrack - 2
StopTrack - 3

Move camera up - Y
Move camera down - H
Move camera left - J
Move camera right - L
Move camera forward - I
Move camera backward - K

Roll camera left - U
Roll camera right - O

Increase FOV - -
Decrease FOV - =

Toggle checked - Num 5
Toggle hood - Num 8
Toggle left door - Num 4
Toggle right door - Num 6
Toggle trunk - Num 2
Toggle left window - Num 7
Toggle right window - Num 9

You are NOT allowed to distribute or reupload this mod.

- Dear ImGui by Omar Cornut
- PolyHook by Stephen Eckels
- Cinematic Tools by Matti Hietanen

For any questions or details on how to use - join my Discord server.

Made by ARCHIE

Update 1.5.0:
- Added Light Tab, allowing to place custom lights in game world.
- Replaced Polyhook with custom one.

Update 1.4.0:
- Added Save/Load feature for Visuals
- Added Save/Load feature for Tracks
- Added Sky visual component
- Some UI changes

Update 1.3.0:
- Added hide character feature
- Added settings window

Update 1.2.1:
- Fixed camera movement when game is freezed
- Fixed no vinyl restrictions
- Added toggle all checked parts hot key
- Animation slider will now show the state when part is toggled

Update 1.2.0:
- Added Animation Controller
- Fixed camera rotation hotkeys
- Fixed an issue, when camera could attach to cars other then player's car.

Update 1.1.2:
- Added shadowmap resolution
- Fixed camera being stuck when game is freezed
- Fixed potential crash when using attach to car mode in multiplayer
- Fixed camera issue that made some world decals dissapear

Update 1.1.1:
- Added UI scale
- Updated to latest game version

Update 1.1.0:
- Added visuals tab
- Added depth of filed
- Added outdoor lighting
- Added shaders
- Added console log output


Padri2012 (January 22, 2023 @ 14:34)
where is download button?

DeFy (January 07, 2023 @ 22:52)
@V6indacut Skill issue

V6indacut (December 24, 2022 @ 17:40)
lol this is absolute garbage not only does it not work and make ur game crash but it also messes up your whole game save and resets it. this WILL DELETE ALL OF YOUR GAME PROGRESS, DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Usagi (December 13, 2022 @ 03:04)
Dunno if it has anything to do with this mod but I used it during multiplayer mode without even going out of the garage, all worked out fine until I tried quitting the game. Once I booted it up again I had lost all of my progress on both single and multiplayer, so fair warning if you want to close the camtool, close the game normally and then the camtool will close itself, not the other way around, if you do so it will crash and you will probably end up with what happened to me lol

GrabussPC (December 08, 2022 @ 19:45)
First NFS Unbound mod, congrats

Uploaded at: December 08, 2022 @ 08:44


99acaa-[NFSUB]CameraToolKit_1.5.0.rar (Size: 788.77KB) Latest Version
daa7ac-[NFSUB]CameraToolKit_1.4.0.rar (Size: 1.21MB) Old Version
91679e-[NFSUB]CameraToolKit_1.3.0.rar (Size: 1.2MB) Old Version