8th Gen Honda Civic HUD (Archie's Custom HUD) by NFS Business

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8th Gen Honda Civic HUD (Archie's Custom HUD)


8th Gen Honda Civic Tachometer by NFS Business


- Multiple tachometer designs to choose from including the Si, Type R, Mugen RR, and the Mugen RR advanced concept.

- Download link for additional color variations and a fully customizable tachometer included.

- Choose between a centered style for a more accurate representation or standard position to maintain visibility in the center
of the screen

- Create your own unique tachometer design with the fully customizable tachometer paint.net files included in the extras pack.

- This tachometer only reads up to 9000 rpm.

- Base install includes:

8th gen Civic Si:
Normal color scheme (Black/Red)

FN2/FD2 Type R / MUGEN RR:
Normal Color Scheme (Gray/Red)

MUGEN RR Advanced concept:
Normal color scheme (Yellow/Red)

- Extras pack includes:

- 8th gen Civic Si with or without Si logo:
Normal color scheme (Black/Red)

- FN2/FD2 Type R / MUGEN RR with or without Type R/MUGEN logo:
Normal Color Scheme (Gray/Red)
Blue with no logo
Blue with Type R logo

- MUGEN RR advanced concept without MUGEN logo


How to install:

1. Download and install custom HUD by Archie for your desired game

2. Once installed, navigate to the installation files folder,
check out the different variations, and drag and drop your desired
folder(s) into [game directory]/scripts/CustomHUD/.

2a. (Extras pack) If you want to install your own custom tachometer, you can do that now.
Navigate to the "Customizable Tachometer" folder and open the .pdn file(s) with
paint.net. Enable/disable the various layers, change colors, add effects, etc.
to your liking, and save the file(s) in DDS format.

Place your new file(s) into one of the pre-made variations that best suits your custom design
and overwrite the file(s) originally inside of it. Once done place your folder
in [game directory]/scripts/CustomHUD/. Make changes to the hud.ini file if
needed (color changes for the gear, digital speedometer, and units display for example).

3. After adding the installation files to your game, navigate back to the HUD Position folders.

If you want the Tachometer to be placed in the center of the screen, go inside the
"HUD Position - Centered" folder and drag and drop the CustomHUD.ini file into
[game directory]/scripts/.

If you want the Tachometer to be placed on the right side of the screen where it is
traditionally located, go inside the
"HUD Position - Right Side" folder and drag and drop the CustomHUD.ini file into
[game directory]/scripts/.

4. Edit the CustomHUD.ini file and set the HUDpath. You can copy the folder name of your desired tachometer design and paste it into
the HUDpath line.

Example: HUDpath = CustomHUD\PASTE YOUR SELECTION HERE\ --> HUDpath = CustomHUD\8th gen civic si (Red with no Si Logo)\

5. By Default this mod is configured for 1920x1080, if you are playing at a different resolution, you may need to adjust
the x and y offsets in the CustomHUD.ini file to align the HUD correctly.

6. Save your changes and run the game.



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