NFSUG2 - Beta Visuals by elaymm4

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

NFSUG2 - Beta Visuals

version 0.2
by elaymm4

This mod will try to make your game look more like OPM/PS2 Demo version.
Gameplay video

ATTENTION: This mod in its current form is more a proof-of-concept, although you can use it for regular playthroughs if you can tolerate some of the bugs.
NOTE: It's recommended, that the path to your game folder does not contain any cyrillic letters, or any symbols like dot, and your game is not on a system drive.

This mod is compatible with:
- Widescreen Fix
- HD Reflections
- HUD Resizer
- Shader materials pack

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======== BUGS/ISSUES/TODO ========
  • Make this not proof-of-concept (probably never going to happen)
  • Fix occasional fog issue (probably never going to happen because funny depth buffers)
  • Fix occasional minimap issue
  • Make dynamic fog color switch

======== CHANGELOG ========

==== VERSION 0.2 ====
  • Orange fog was adjusted to be more correct to beta
  • Everything ReShade related was moved to "scripts" folder
  • Added ASI Loader

==== VERSION 0.1 ====
  • Currently done in a very messy way using NFS UG1 Redux shaders: teal/green, blue/purple, orange & white fog color presets.
  • Replaced every sky texture to a night one.

======== CREDITS ========
  • elaymm4 (Most of the mod)

  • AMTxDRxRL (NFS UG1 Redux shaders)
  • Xanvier (Xan1242) (NFS ReShade fork)
  • crosire (ReShade)
  • nfsu360 (NFS-TexEd)
  • DpaKc (ReShade to "scripts" folder tip)
  • ThirteenAG (ASI Loader)


Tony777 (February 26, 2023 @ 09:47)
With all respect to this work, I'm saying NO - to Reshade fog effects. Am continuing to use the "Beta Map" mod, forcing to rain all the time and getting the same fog effects, but in their natural view.

HarGabt (January 11, 2023 @ 06:44)
@zarus1997 This happens when trying to unpack via explorer, you need to open the package with 3rd party software like WinRar or 7-Zip. Explorer will throw out the 0x80004005 error.

zarus1997 (January 10, 2023 @ 20:45)

cannot be copied

zarus1997 (January 10, 2023 @ 13:19)
please make nfsu2 beta content mod.

GamesKauaBr (January 05, 2023 @ 19:36)
This mod is interesting, I always wanted a mod that would bring back that graphic look like the ps2 version of NFSUG2, I always thought that EA Black Box took more care in the graphic look, materials and lighting in the ps2 version of nfsu2 because in other versions like the pc ones for example seem to have made certain things worse. EA Black Box could have taken the ps2 version and ported it to pc but in fact they took the xbox version and ported it to pc that's why the similarity in the graphic look compa