Better Decals Pack for NFS Unbound by engetsuka

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Better Decals Pack for NFS Unbound

v1.1. changelog:
-Vol. 2 compatibility
-Added some Prostreet decals, mainly for recreating Apex Glide cars


The instructions in the zip are obsolete as the working version of Frosty was taken down from the UNITE discord. A working version of Frosty Editor or Mod Manager is required. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to distribute a working version, so you will have to snoop around yourself to find one. It shouldn't be too hard if you know where to look.

Extract the .7z file containing the editor to anywhere on your computer, then open the folder containing the editor, then go to Mods>NeedForSpeedUnbound and drop betterdecals.fbmod into here.
Launch the editor from FrostyEditor.exe, then load in the NFS Unbound profile. If this is your first time running this version of the editor, it will likely ask for admin access in order to create the profile and mod data for the game.
Once this is done, launch the game through the editor with the "Launch" button near the top left of the editor window.
If you did everything correctly, you should now see the newly replaced decals. Easiest way to check is to go to the tintable brand decals category and go to where the FLGNTLT decals would be. You'll know when its working.

DISCLAIMER: DO **NOT** SHARE ANY LIVERIES MADE WITH THIS MOD! THEY WILL LOOK LIKE NONSENSE TO PEOPLE WITHOUT THE MOD AND YOU POTENTIALLY RISK A BAN! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Using liveries made with this mod in multiplayer should be fine, but I take absolutely no responsibility in case you get banned. As with all mods, use online with caution.

Currently replaces a total of 92 decals with various real-life manufacturers and some decals from older games. Most of the decals replaced are either fictional brands (i.e. Payback brands & teams), Youtubers or FLGNTLT, so all the more commonly used base game decals remain. Non-brand shaped/design decals (e.g., dragon, blacklist decals, etc.) are located in the Codemasters decal category since they replace DiRT 5 decals.

The decal files used in the mod are included alongside the base images used for most of the decals.

Known Bugs/Issues:
-Replaced decals carry all properties of the base decals; they are mostly not mirrorable or stretchable (with the intentional exception of pattern decals such as the dragon or samurai). If you would like to have all decal restrictions removed, I would recommend downloading ARCHIE's NFS Unbound Camera Toolkit (, which removes all restrictions.

-Some tintable brand decals are already stretchable and mirrorable, which was unintentional but a consequence of replacing some Payback brand logos. Not a huge deal if you use the Camera Toolkit to remove all restrictions anyway.

-Some decals are crusty or low resolution, this was unavoidable for some logos due to lack of decent source images (e.g., RE Amemiya, Active Traction Service, VIS Racing, etc.). But they look fine as long as they're not extremely scaled up.

Please let me know of any other bugs/errors you find.

All logos and designs are property of their respective rightholders.


engetsuka (June 06, 2023 @ 12:15)
sorry for the neglect, the mod has been updated with the vol.2 compatible version here as well

steven187 (March 29, 2023 @ 16:04)
I guess not then lol

steven187 (March 26, 2023 @ 17:20)
Hi there mate would there be an estimate for an update for this mod since the new volume two game update broke most of the mods out there, thanks for the great mod this really was a necessity for the game as the decals were rubbish to say the least no proper sponsor decals at all until you saved us all.

Uploaded at: January 14, 2023 @ 21:21