NFS Unbound Rebalance and Gameplay Improvements by KittySkin

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NFS Unbound Rebalance and Gameplay Improvements

NFS Unbound RAGI

Unbound RAGI aims to improve the general experience in the game along with adding quality of life changes.
The mod is built using a modular approach in order to enable the user to customize the experience.

Currently the mod have the following components:

Aesthetic Damage Removal
Removes car visual damage.

All Races S+ Tier
Enable all races to be played with S+ tier cars.

BMW M3 GTR Unlock Single Player
Unlocks the pre customized and the stock version of the car in single player.

Cops Rebalanced
Always takes 10 seconds to escape the cops and the cash reward is 10x the original amount.

More Retries
Change retries to 99 on any difficulty.

Muscle Car Buffs
Adds 2 new engine options to some muscle cars.

No Traffic In races
Removes traffic in races.

Speed Cap Removal
Removes speed cap allowing Regera and Chiron to reach their stated max speed.


Unzip the mod and import it using Frosty Mod Manager
Since there is no official build right now you can use the precompiled binaries that I uploaded to mediafire, link below:
Once imported apply the components you want to use.


Do not use the mod online.
I take no responsibility if you got banned from online gameplay by using the mod in online mod.
If you do so, use it at your own risk.


Initial Release

Removed Forged engine from Camaro SS.
Added RAGI themed load screen and icons.


Zolton (March 20, 2024 @ 23:17)
The title is pretty misleading, this is moreso an "easy mode" mod, the only actual addition is two engine swaps. I'd softly suggest a rename if you don't plan on adding anything significant.

SpeedyTofu (September 04, 2023 @ 10:55)
A rebalance is when you loose something, but gain something else in return. This mod on the other hand, just makes the game a lot easier by removing most of the difficulty (no restarts, no traffic), nfs modding is dead.


Uploaded at: January 18, 2023 @ 03:52