[NFSMW] 2006 Saleen S281 Extreme Extended Customization by rybetasz

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

[NFSMW] 2006 Saleen S281 Extreme Extended Customization

2006 Saleen S281 Extreme

Cost: 225.000$

Unlocks after beating JV(Blacklist #4)
Fully LOD A Model.
Customization: Everything +



Slot1(Front Bumper,1)

Slot2(Rear Window,1)

Slot3(Saleen Decal on Window,1)

Slot4(Roll Cage, 1)

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converting: nerepl1(rybetasz)
Model: Turn 10 Studios

NFS-Vlted,TexEd,CarToolKit by nfsu360
Binary by MaxHwoy

Extended Customization by nlgxzef
Unlimiter by nlgxzef


KaijuREX93 (August 03, 2023 @ 14:29)
Can you make a Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX for NFS Carbon and NFS Most Wanted with the Need for Speed Underground 2 model?

Uploaded at: January 29, 2023 @ 15:47