Protagonist Gamer Girls Vinyl Pack by Emosen11

Category: Vinyls | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Protagonist Gamer Girls Vinyl Pack


Main objective about this pack is " recostumize " favorite and beloved woman protagonists in gaming to the fittable cars with 512 and 1024 vinyl support.All the car links included in the folders.You can use Texed to Replace , Binary to add them.You can use these in your modpacks,enjoy it

Lilith = Old Ford GT
Maya = 2012 Corvette ZR1
Tracer = MP4 12C
Tracer Cadet Oxton = MP4 12C
Widowmaker = 2015 Viper
Widowmaker Spider = 2015 Viper
Bayonetta 1 = SL65 BE
Bayonetta 2 = SL65 BE
Metroid Dread = New NSX
Metroid Samus = New NSX
SOTR Blue Heron = Jag XK
SOTR Serpent Guard = Jag XKRS
TR Underworld Classic Lara = Jag XK
TR Underworld Doppelganger = Jag XKRS


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