NFSMW XenonEffects by Xan

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NFSMW XenonEffects

NFS Most Wanted - XenonEffects port
This is an attempt to port and implement XenonEffect particle emitters to NFS Most Wanted PC version.

What are XenonEffects?
XenonEffects are an extension of the existing particle emitter system in Speed based games since Most Wanted. They primarily consist of extra sparks and contrails (wind effect) behind the car.

As the name implies, these effects were developed firstly for the Xbox 360, but found their way back onto the (then) current-gen console platforms.

This feature was famously not included in the PC version of NFS Most Wanted and this plugin attempts to bring them back by backporting the code from NFS Carbon into NFS Most Wanted.

  • If not installed already, install either Widescreen Fix (recommended) or Ultimate ASI Loader (only if you don't want Widescreen Fix)
  • Make sure you're running with the RELOADED No-CD 1.3 exe! (MD5: C0516B485065FABDD69579816B5DF763)
  • Extract the .zip to the root directory of the game
  • Reconfigure the .ini in the scripts folder to your liking
  • Make sure that texture filtering is turned on in video settings! Otherwise sparks will be drawn at wrong coordinates!
  • In case you're using NextGenGraphics.asi, please enable 'UseD3DDeviceTexture' in the .ini

For the latest releases, please visit the Releases page in the GitHub repository:
Source code is available in the same repository, found here:

Special thanks to Aero_ for the amazing thumbnail!


Waldecy450600 (June 17, 2023 @ 23:06)
Hello! All good? My name is Waldecy and I have a YouTube channel called Banko Games. I'm using "Xenon Effects" in NFSMW 2005 and also the last update of "Extra Options". When I press the "Backspace" key the game stops with the following message box "speed.exe has stopped working". Can you help me?

epox (March 04, 2023 @ 14:56)
youre a legend man all of your mods made my experience better the work is crazy

longaru (March 03, 2023 @ 18:50)
Hugs , Bro )
We love You :)

longaru (March 03, 2023 @ 14:28)
Hugs , Bro )
We love You :)

Draxin (March 01, 2023 @ 13:44)
For anyone encountering issues with car windows randomly losing their sheen, change the value for "PassShadowMap" back to 0.

@Xanvier You may want to look into this bug if you weren't already aware of it


Uploaded at: February 23, 2023 @ 16:45