UG2ish handling (Underground 2 like handling) by Fierelier

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UG2ish handling (Underground 2 like handling)

Brings a handling not too dissimilar to Underground 2. As many values as possible were transferred 1:1, though some things work differently in Most Wanted and I had to take some liberties. It's also worth noting that I used the FOCUS values, and these are applied to every car.

This changes chassis, tires, rigidbodyspec and some pvehicle values. The handling is only applied to the player vehicle, thanks to GXP-10's method of doing so, which was brought to my attention by Frexellia's Wrecked Mode mod. This prevents the AI from driving wonky.

- It's more difficult to do handbrake turns, slow slides and donuts.

How to install:
1. Extract the .zip archive to some directory.
2. Use VltEd to import mw\ug2ish-handling.nfsms.
3. Recommended: To fix bosses, import mw\separate-ai-presets.nfsms with VltEd, and mw\separate-ai-presets.end with binary. You need to import both, or you'll break your game.

Importing the scripts multiple times is absolutely fine and will cause no issues, despite the errors. To update, just repeat the installation instructions.

This also includes the script used to generate the .nfsms file. If you wish to modify the values, edit mw\developer\ and then run it using Python 3.x. You may use it to more easily make handling mods yourself.

* Fix oversight in nfsms generation, breaking the new recipe

* Make folder structure a little nicer for future additions
* Add new handling flavor that is a bit more grippy
* Fix Razor's Mustang being gone (Thanks to GeorgeMonroe)

* Fix vlt parsing (fixes suspension height modifiers)
* Add scripts for fixing boss AI
* Remove Y-axis angular damping to encourage the car to drift a little more

* Initial release


Fierelier (June 18, 2023 @ 00:25)
I used Binary to read the handling data from NFS Underground 2. I put this handling onto one of the cars in Most Wanted, tweaking the values until it worked well. I then used Python to automate porting that handling onto every car. The suspension heights had to be tweaked manually, so I used Debug Cam and SkipFE to view the side of each car quickly (the cars in the main menu use a different suspension height).

Edit mw\developer\ with Notepad++, run it using Python.

Legitchan (June 09, 2023 @ 15:50)
It's nice mod. How you made it? Which programms that you are use?

Fierelier (May 05, 2023 @ 23:37)
Should be fixed, enjoy :)

Fierelier (May 05, 2023 @ 22:24)
I've noticed this with some cars and the new recipe. I will try around with the car height and looking at the state of the suspension with the debug cam, to see if they're not too high. I'll report back if I got it fixed!

GeorgeMonroe (May 04, 2023 @ 20:38)
Sup, it's me again :D I think, cars clearance to low. Scratching every bump on the road with car bottom, even little ones. Is it possible to make cars clearance little bit higher, without handling loss. (because handling is perfect)

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