[NFSC] Police Ford Crown Victoria by Airoz

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

[NFSC] Police Ford Crown Victoria

[NFSC] Police Ford Crown Victoria

This mod replaces the Police Cruisers with the new Crown Victoria found in the latest NFS since the 2015 game.

Cops in this mod are divided into regular cops and undercover cops

The mod is installed via Vlt-Ed:

- Reworked Texture in COPMIDSIZE


BreakTheHearts (March 14, 2023 @ 18:46)
After downloaded and test right away,you did good job right here 10/10
I hope you make another replacement police cars in the future.

HellRaven (March 01, 2023 @ 22:41)
of course i will mention your name

airoz75ua (March 01, 2023 @ 08:51)
HellRaven#10290 you can, but with a mention of the author

HellRaven (March 01, 2023 @ 00:45)
Hey man, Like your work and i want to ask you if i can use your mod on my NFS Carbon OPUS mod Pack? You can see my Modpack on my YouTube Channel HellRaven

Uploaded at: February 24, 2023 @ 14:19


7a64c3-[NFSC] Police Crown Victoria.rar (Size: 13.1MB) Latest Version
ec15d3-[NFSC] Police Crown Victoria.rar (Size: 13.02MB) Old Version
bf6ce7-[NFSC] Police Crown Victoria.rar (Size: 13.02MB) Old Version