MW Performance Port for non-MW Cars from U2 by Tharn

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MW Performance Port for non-MW Cars from U2

NFS Carbon
Most Wanted performance port for non-Most Wanted cars from Underground 2
Mod by Tharn


I love Carbon but it always frustrated me how performance was managed.
I always wanted a mod that 'fixed' this and now I can make it myself.
I like Underground 2 and Most Wanted's philosophy of 'any car with custom upgrades can have top performance'.

In Carbon you cannot even use some of your favourite cars for later races, they don't just keep up.
Racing tiers limit you, a lot. I love tuner cars and good handling but exotics smoke them.
I love muscle cars but the very poor handling makes me avoid them. Basically, you are forced to stick to exotics for much of the last part of career mode.

This is the first part of 3 performance mods I have planned. This a short one and focuses on some Underground 2 tuners.

Is the way performance in Carbon was managed realistic? I don't know but you be the judge if this mod takes away from the original game or actually adds to it.
Personally, I love being able to use a Skyline against Darius and actually keep up with him besides battling it out with top exotics and muscles out there on the streets.


Cars this mod affects:

- Nissan 240sx
- Nissan 350z
- Toyota Corolla (Made customisable and player usable. Cost: 15000)
- Mitsubishi Eclipse '99 (Made customisable and player usable. Cost: 35000)
- Infiniti G35
- Toyota MR2 (Not present in U2 but was added as a bonus. Made customisable and player usable. Cost: 25000)
- Nissan Skyline R34


Known Issues:

- None at the moment.
- Please report if you see any other issues.



A) Install required vault data using NFS-VltEd: (Compatible with NFS-VltEd v4.5 and up)
1) Download and install the latest version of NFS-VltEd:
2) Run NFS-VltEd as administrator.
3) When the main window appears, select File > Open from the menu bar, or press "Ctrl+O".
4) A new dialog will appear. Choose your game installation directory.
5) Select File > Import > ModScript from menu bar, or press "Ctrl+I".
6) Select the "MW Performance Port-VltEd" file from the dialog and tap/click OK.
7) Mod script installation dialog will appear. Choose and tap/click Install to install the mod.
8) Save the files by selecting File > Save from menu bar, or pressing "Ctrl+S".
9) Quit NFS-VltEd.

B) Run your game, no need to create a new save game; or use a save patcher.

C) Enjoy!



- nfsu360 for NFS-VltEd.
- nlgxzef for mod templates.
- AJLethal for inspiration and existing.


Felipao9008 (December 04, 2023 @ 17:36)
Yo, can you make Infiniti G35 addon with bodykits and hoods from NFS Carbon in Most Wanted 2005?

ValeryTerex1997 (November 12, 2023 @ 06:19)
Можно такую настройку для Subaru Impreza WRX STI и для Toyota Supra, чтобы можно было обыграть Дариуса на его Toyota Supra

alexdivi96 (September 16, 2023 @ 05:34)
@apprentice1914 and I will first upgrade a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Cross and blue flames!

apprentice1914 (September 02, 2023 @ 02:39)
Bug found, the Race Package on some performance upgrades has Unlocalized Strings. specifically tested on Nissan 240SX.

alexdivi96 (August 09, 2023 @ 18:07)
@Tharn yep Exactly first of all though i have to wait for all the cars characters challenges series and and i'm missing 7 cars (:

Uploaded at: February 27, 2023 @ 19:44