MW_AnimatedSplashScreen by ASC, Slark, P A I N

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This is attempt to add animated start screen (splash screen) to game.
Size is big, but it needed for quality.

2 - Find in that file texture named "WS_MWSPLASHBACK" and delete it.
3 - If "NextGenGraphics" somehow used that texture - delete it.
4 - Replace FRONTA.BUN in FRONTEND folder.
5 - Run the game!

You can just replace frames with Binary tool.
First frame it's WS_MWSPLASHBACK > next TEST01-99 > and after it textures what named "100-126".
For change speed amount go to 208E5A30 offset and find byte with "06".
Change it how you like, but i recommend use HxD tool and some service for convert Dec values to Hex.

Upd v2.0:
frames enhanced to 258
better structure, now only first frame have original texture name (WS_MWSPLASHBACK)
all other frames now just "01-257" for easyer replacing

Upd v2.2:
Changed frame type from DXT5 to DXT3 for much better quality

ASC - Hex genius
i wish i was dead - amazing help with textures
P A I N - ...
THXAN_9 - tester
You are ALLOWED to use it in FREE modpack's and modify as you liking
Just teg authors in credits!


NFSkuba04 (April 15, 2023 @ 21:55)
When I try to run a race/go to freeroam, the game crashes

Uploaded at: February 28, 2023 @ 00:34


c1bdb9-MW_AnimatedSplashScreen 2.2 (Size: 255 bytes) Latest Version
ce5851-MW_AnimatedSplashScreen 2.0 (Size: 293 bytes) Old Version
3d2c60-MW_AnimatedSplashScreen 2.0 (Size: 293 bytes) Old Version