NFSMW Japanese dub Mod by Gilmore Rockefeller

Category: Audio | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

NFSMW Japanese dub Mod


NFSMW with Japanese voice mod. Using audio files from PS2,PS3 And XBOX 360 version. Movie cutscenes (not showed here) were in Japanese as well. For movie cutscenes, I replaced the english audio from .vp6 videos with Japanese ones (Extracted from PS2's .mpc video) with VP6 Converter 0.08. they change voice SPEECH file.
there's a bonus,
the blacklist member are japanese too.
and also rog and mia as well


  • Airoz (custom thumbnail)
  • DALZER aka DANZER(reupload mod and already give permission)
  • Gilmore Rockefeller(owner of the mod)

    dm discord

    if it's not working you can dm me at discord:

    Thx for the thumbnail by :airoz75ua

    Anyway, Enjoy the mod


    well a lot of people dm at discord they said its not working so i decide to check the sound of COPSPEECH in NFS-vlted by nfsu360 , and also fix litlle bit "bug" so hopefully this thing will work again



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Uploaded at: March 05, 2023 @ 07:11