NFSC Japanese dub Mod by DALZER aka DANZER

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NFSC Japanese dub Mod


NFSC with Japanese voice mod. Using audio files from PS2,PS3 and XBOX 360 version.
There's a Bonus Voice Mod,
it's also has a crew member are Japanese too!
All voice crew member are Japanese.
including all crew boss too. kenji, angie ,wolf tfk and darius as well.
they change voice SPEECH and STREAMS file


  • Airoz (custom thumbnail)
  • DALZER aka DANZER(owner of the mod)


    you should get this Cutscene too :
    with japanese language

    if it's not working you can dm me at discord:

    Thx for the thumbnail by :airoz75ua

    Anyway, Enjoy the mod


    well a lot of people dm at discord they said its not working so i decide to check the sound of COPSPEECH in NFS-vlted by nfsu360 , and also fix litlle bit "bug" so hopefully this thing will work again
    New add STREAMS file, the extra nisaudio talk cutscenes, i forgot to add this file XD
    the first one it's the wrong file i upload,sorry about that guys(╥_╥)


DALZER (February 27, 2024 @ 09:22)
@dan1337 and @SUPURLi you guys just download on nfsaddons , i updated the file right there, im lazy update the link right here

SUPURli (February 25, 2024 @ 16:57)
emmm......did you remember to update the real 3.0 link?

DALZER (January 12, 2024 @ 13:34)
@dan1337 oh shit i send the wrong link, i'll update the right a way...

dan1337 (January 11, 2024 @ 10:10)
still not working...
yes i replaced the "SOUND" files..
hey, did you update the version 3.0 link? because I downloaded the NFSC Japanese dub Mod bug fix and the .doc file has the same link as NFSC Japanese dub Mod

Tavinho (December 12, 2023 @ 02:48)
It would be really cool if you could translate the texts into Japanese.
I'm studying Japanese and a translation would be of great help so I can have fun learning this language

Uploaded at: March 05, 2023 @ 12:50


151fb9-f7570d-NFSC Japanese dub Mod bug fix (Size: 734 bytes) Latest Version
f7570d-NFSC Japanese dub Mod (Size: 734 bytes) Old Version
5c4b74-NFSC Japanese dub Mod (Size: 758 bytes) Old Version