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Unbound Remix

Unbound Remix is a game enhancement mod based on Need for Speed: Unbound.
It mainly enhances almost everything you can see, feel and play, and still keep the game lore, art style, and the core, all geared towards the best possible Need for Speed: Unbound experience.
And also for a learning project for the Frostbite game modding.

Here is the preview version or Unbound Remix, due The 1.0.7 Frosty Tool Suite is not in released state.
So some of the basic features haven't been developed yet, any errors made are at your own risk.
In Unbound Remix, some hidden parts has been add into certain cars, including Nissan Skyline GT-R R34's Manits Kit from Need for Speed: Underground, and Khyzyl Saleem kit for Polestar 1, and so on.
Also, all new additions part and items(such as clothes, license plates, driving effect) that were updated during the year are available in Unbound Remix, for free.

If you are the wrap enthusiast, you can check out the new mirroring feature we've added to the wrap editor, you will be like it.
New engine: 2JZ-GE, a common version engine of 2JZ, you can swap in to some JDM cars or some car that can be fit, and build to 900HP beast.
And in the Unbound Remix, many replica versions of Need for Speed classic vehicles and Project cars that have very beautiful livery made by the community, have been added into the Bodykit menu, so don't forget to check it out.

In Unbound Remix, in addition to the regular vehicles, you can also meet a lot of new Custom Cars that no only for AI Racer and the game updated cars, also with some cars that tribute to Ghost Games' Need for Speed and a tribute to Remix mod series, but we're not stopping here.

All the Reward cars can be reacquired in game, so if you miss it or you already sell these cars, now is you chance to take it back to your garage.
Also, over 10 new reward cars that add into the calendar, whatever you are during the story campaign or you already finish the story campaign, those car are always available, and most of the cars are also reward into you Lakeshore Online Garage.
For the first time ever, You can drive the civilian version for dodge Charger SRT8 2013, without any vehicles replaced or failed to synchronize items by the game server, only in Unbound Remix.

Unbound Remix's top priority is to make players feel better while playing the game, In order to do that, More than 70 track layouts added to the Story mode, contains all volume update track layouts from the year as well as Remix's 4 own original tracks layout.
Even more,  We've changed some of the vehicles for the delivery missions to tribute to some movies and TV or other games, or even Need for Speed games itself, now can also have fun it.
For Lakeshore Police Department, we get a little buff for the police unit that can be more faster than usual, and match the real world top speed for each cars, also, same as the legendary Heat Remix, VRT and SWAT will also join into the pursuit with more faster police unit, but if you feels to hard for you? don’t worry, an add-on can save your skill issue for revent the police difficulty to vanilla.

And you don't need to worry about using this mod to play online, we've done everything possible to balance it to ensure maximum online fair play, so ride the streets of Lakeshore with your friends!

We also do something for quality of life changes, for example, add the real name for the engine, and IN-GAME speed limit removed for sp only, and so on.
We changed most of the weather that Need for Speed: Unbound have, for more better looking but still keeping original game art style and add some qol changes, such as add motion blur when you using nos.
Also, we gave you the ability for change the weather pre day after you finish the story, so you can still drive the car you like in the Lakeshore under the sunset.

We've changed the design of the dashboard a bit to make it more minimalistic while having a better sense of design, and some changes for maps that will look cooler in the meet up when the races show up.
As well as the Extended Stance Add-on, gives you more stance tuning options to get your car's stance just right when you trying to make a build.
Finally, some mods can revent the change for Unbound Remix for some people don’t like the change.
At the end, this mod will continue to be updated, so please pay more attention in the future!

Special thanks to:
...and lot of people for the help!


Playbird0x30303 (June 22, 2024 @ 06:40)
I bought a character part in online,after that I got kicked online since this moment I can nl longe connect to online pls help

Moises115 (March 03, 2024 @ 00:24)
Bro, when I try to select the Unbound it says "there was an error when trying to load game using specified profile". I re-installed the game also Frosty manager. But I still have the same issue. What can I do?

Antoninoturbo (December 14, 2023 @ 14:33)
My game won't launch even when I have datapath fix installed and yes I did deleted the ModData folder and still the game won't launch. I tried launching it whit no mods activated and still the game won't launch

moses1738 (October 26, 2023 @ 02:09)
@SpeedyTofu Stfu

NFSNEO (October 25, 2023 @ 18:28)
@SpeedyTofu Okay I do see that you made mods. But do come out with something like Unbound Remix, try that.

Gonna report to the moderators about that R slur. See ya.

Uploaded at: March 07, 2023 @ 10:13