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Unbound Remix

Unbound Remix is a game enhancement mod based on Need for Speed: Unbound. 
It mainly enhances the customization and gameplay experience.
And also for a learning project for the Frostbite game modding.

Here is the preview version or Unbound Remix, due The 1.0.7 Frosty Tool Suite is not in released state.
So some of the basic features haven't been developed yet, any errors made are at your own risk.



in Unbound Remix, some hidden parts has been add into certain cars, including Nissan Skyline GT-R R34's Manits Kit from NFS Underground, and Khyzyl Saleem kit for Polestar 1.
New engine: 2JZ-GE, a common version engine of 2JZ, but you can swap in to some JDM cars or some car that can be fit, and build to 900HP beast.
but, if you are the wrap enthusiast, check out the new mirroring feature we've added to the wrap editor, you will be like it.
And in Unbound Remix, many replica versions of NFS classic vehicles have been added into the Bodykit menu, don't forget to check it out.

due The Frosty Tool Suite for NFS Unbound is not in released state and Game still in update stage. some of the basic features haven't been developed yet, stay tuned for more to come!

For the gameplay, the difficulty of pursuit has been enhanced, that means it will be harder than vanilla.
In dealer, we add all the AI racer custom cars and self-made custom car From Ghost Game Era And some Heat Remix memories, 55 custom cars in total, and now you can take a ride with Dodge Charger SRT8 without replace any car.
and we add some new race track, from offical game update to self-made layout.
also we have changed the reward car mechanism, now you can repeatedly obtain reward cars, and there are also new reward cars hidden in the map, so keep you eyes open.
And IN-GAME speed limit removed.

we changed almost the weather that nfs unbound have, for more better looking but still keeping Unbound's original art style.
Also, we gave you the ability to change the weather with the date after you finish the story, So you can still ride Lakeshore under the sunset.

At the end, this mod will continue to be updated, so please pay more attention in the future!
Special thanks to:
...and lot of people for the help!


Antoninoturbo (December 14, 2023 @ 14:33)
My game won't launch even when I have datapath fix installed and yes I did deleted the ModData folder and still the game won't launch. I tried launching it whit no mods activated and still the game won't launch

moses1738 (October 26, 2023 @ 02:09)
@SpeedyTofu Stfu

NFSNEO (October 25, 2023 @ 18:28)
@SpeedyTofu Okay I do see that you made mods. But do come out with something like Unbound Remix, try that.

Gonna report to the moderators about that R slur. See ya.

NFSNEO (October 25, 2023 @ 18:27)
@SpeedyTofu How about you make your own NFS Mod? Let's see how better you can do. You can make this mod not have self inserts. You're just being an asshole.

REC (October 25, 2023 @ 18:06)
MODDERs are creative people, the fact that he put himself in the game was a creative thing to do. Imagine modding a game, not being paid for it, uploading and updating it constantly between real world stuff. And then being called "pathetic" just because you named an AI after you. The word "pathetic" carries a lot of weight. Don't throw it around so easily. If you had not mentioned that in your original comment, the other points you mentioned would have been looked at more seriously.

Uploaded at: March 07, 2023 @ 10:13


3e321a-Unbound Remix NFSMods Vol5.zip (Size: 1.4KB) Latest Version
2595b5-Unbound Remix NFSMods Vol4.zip (Size: 1.57KB) Old Version
c4f5fd-Unbound Remix NFSMods Vol4.zip (Size: 1.22KB) Old Version