Refreshed Car Audio - Unbound by 7NDRΞW

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Refreshed Car Audio - Unbound

Refreshed Car Audio UNBOUND v0.1.1

  • v0.1.1
    • Updated for Unbound Vol. 2

  • v0.1
    • Initial (early) release

  • As of writing, Frosty Toolsuite 1.0.7 is still under development and release builds are not officially provided yet.


Usage guide:
  • Making Origin work (in case you are having issues with EA Desktop)
    • Uninstall or disable EA Desktop
    • In the Task Manager, disable EA Desktop's startup service
    • Install Origin with the link provided above
    • Go to C:\ProgramData\Origin
    • Open local.xml
    • Add the following line below <Settings>:
      • <Setting value="true" key="MigrationDisabled" type="1"/>

    • Save the file and restart Origin
    • Launch Unbound from Origin atleast once

  • Using the mods
    • Extract the .7z archive
    • Open Frosty Mod Manager (not the Editor!)
    • If you have not yet created a profile for NFS Unbound, click on "Scan for games" and click on NFS Unbound once it's finished
    • If that doesn't work, click on "New", locate NFS Unbound's ".exe" file and open it
    • If it tells you that the SDK is outdated, follow the on-screen instructions
    • If it asks you for the encryption key: B0E04030409080C010708010E0B0B02
    • Click "Import Mod(s)" and select the .7z archive or the .fbmod files
      • You can also drag and drop these files on FMM's window

    • Click "Launch", and the game should launch with the applied mods

  • v0.1:
    • BMW M3 GTR
    • Koenigsegg Regera
    • McLaren F1
    • NISSAN Skyline GT-R R34

Frosty Toolsuite Discord server
Project UNITΞ Discord server

Report bugs and give feedback on my blog or NFSMods.

You are not allowed to redistribute this mod or include it in modpacks without my permission.
If you found this mod outside of NFSMods, contact me.
I have given NFSLYY full permission to use, redistribute and include my mods in Unbound Remix.


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