Return to Originals - Restore content from previous versions of game by elaymm4

Category: Any | Game: Need for Speed: Unbound

Return to Originals - Restore content from previous versions of game

Version 2.1

This mod attempts to return some elements from previous versions of the game, mostly from release version.

Key changes:
  • Virtual Space (where you customize cars) now has darker tone of the lighting, less light + different car reflection
  • Pre-Volume 7 (green) Checkpoint & Barrier colors
  • Release version (Volume 1) of "Moon Shadow" tag effect (cartoony smoke, etc)
  • Pre-Volume 7 license plate is made to be default plate again
  • Some minor UI elements were restored to their versions from previous updates or original release
  • Main menu with original camera angle (and also returns your avatar) to how it was pre-volume 6

All additional information is provided in ReadMe.
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weebawop (June 05, 2024 @ 22:49)
You are a freaking legend. So glad to have the character back on the main menu THANK YOU! Also thank you for making the mod so modular and putting thumbnails in the fbmods descriptions you are the goat. Thanks again

elaymm4 (March 05, 2024 @ 21:08)
@SampleText24, try the mod without any other / find another upload of Frosty Mod Manager. The last update of the mod was specifically done for Volume 6, and it works on my end.

SampleText24 (March 05, 2024 @ 21:01)
With the last update for volume 6 this prevents the game from starting.

Uploaded at: March 25, 2023 @ 16:41