NFSC SGBAI [Xtreme .nfsms update] 9/23/2019 by NATHANIEL900

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NFSC SGBAI [Xtreme .nfsms update] 9/23/2019

Please read everything here, and report any bugs you find.


[Features list]
- Really altered nitrous.
- Every car has had their settings regarding their balance VERY altered.
- Every car is free since you have to pay for expensive performance parts.
- cs_semi (semi with no trailer) is upgradable. (Old feature from Super Global Mod.)
- copmidsizeghost (civic cruiser undercover) is upgradable. (Old feature from Super Global Mod.)
- Tire screeching sounds are muted.
- Super cops. (Up to Heat 10.)
- Custom cops/traffic that have full function.
- All cops are rewarded now, along with different weight class traffic cars.
- Tier 3 engine swapped cars unlocked from the special left side map race. (Changed.)
- Boss races reward the hidden bonus cars based on your career car class.
- New race on left side of map unlocks all the newly available cars.
- Exotic, muscle, and tuner specific bonus cars unlocked from boss races.
- Darius race rewards R8 and M3.
- Exotic, and muscle Tier 3 bonus cars earned from canyon race against
Angie and Wolf in silverton.


- A.I./Traffic/Cops have no stats, to prevent lower tier cars from showing incorrect top speed, etc.
- You cannot do races with free roam racers.
- This mod works in private lobbies if you want to play with your friend(s). (They need to have it.)
- Using any bonus/cop car in online with upgrades on, without the other person having the mod, causes crashes.

[Unpatchable bug + resolve]
- When you select your class car in the first race, cops appear, and when you finish the pursuit,
you will be placed in free roam and have to jump to safehouse by pressing M, then go back to the main menu,
then resume career to continue. (This resolve method is required to progress the game.)


[Development info]
- Development time took two years with Vlt-Ed. (Counting past time to when this was made.)
- This mod is based on NFSC V1.4 CE. (CE doesn't matter I don't think.)
- This combination mod is based on my Super Global Mod, then I recreated the edits to the
AI cars in order for them to be how they are, once again.


[Model swaps]
- "player_cop_gto" (The statless cop corvette that goes 260mph.) [Changed appearance to GTO as EA intended.]



- Put the GLOBAL files into your NFSC folder, where you installed carbon. (Experienced users.)

- The default installation is @ the following:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed Carbon"

- Put the the new global files inside of this zip into the GLOBAL folder there.

- How do you access the traffic/cops? Just find someone's profile with A.I. cars, should be simple.
(You could also watch a tutorial on how to install a profile, etc.)



[WARNING #1] Please do not forget to back up global by copy and pasting it in a seperate folder.
[WARNING #2] Please back up your save game in case this mod corrupts it.
[WARNING #3] Cannot work with car mods since it resets wheel positions.
[WARNING #4] If you use a car mod AFTER this it does work but it will not have the performance that I changed the values of.


[Bonus suspension tunes]

- Muscle suspension tune:
Two sliders on oversteer, one on understeer.

- Exotic suspension tune:
Two sliders on understeer, one on middle.


[A bug that cannot be patched]
- Using this on a old savegame prevents unlocking the new additions and you will need to
redo a race in order to go from 98% to 100% completion again.


- nfsu360 for creating VLT-Ed tool.
- Me for making the new in-game values.
- Shoutout to (Obey) Neon for telling me how to make custom rewarded cars.



My online account name: NATESOARES.


[Official online banned cars list]

- Any car not in the car lot

- All playable AI cars (unless you ONLY use them.)


GXP10 (October 03, 2019 @ 11:56)
can i really trust this since its 2019 and still not use windscreen fix

BDawg (June 23, 2019 @ 12:07)
Lol noticed another weird thing when just testing cars:
You nerfed the Lancer, but then buffed the Skyline to be even better than the old Lancer lol

NATHANIEL900 (April 05, 2019 @ 21:31)
I never really checked back here but I did fix the cops and I need to edit a few things

BDawg (March 21, 2019 @ 12:27)
One last thing: Would it be okay if I took the handling values of all the Tier 3 cars and used them for a mod I've been working on (Carbon Handling project for Most Wanted)?

BDawg (August 27, 2018 @ 15:52)
Actually here's more things that don't make sense:
3. Car audio changes. The Challenger is way too damn quiet, maybe other cars too, don't remember.
4. Player Police Car handling changes (makes Pursuit Knockout really stupid)

Uploaded at: April 10, 2018 @ 23:55