NFS Underground 2 Eurobeat Music Mod by W

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NFS Underground 2 Eurobeat Music Mod

The eurobeat mod for the Need for Speed Underground 2

Song lists:
1. Fastway - Rockin' Hardcore
2. Time Force - Love Me In The Heat Of The Night
3. Ace Warrior - Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love
4. David "Off" - Stuck On You
5. Mister Max - The Sky High
6. Mote Mote - Tokyo Baby, Midnight Lady
7. Luke - Turbo Disco
8. Cherry - Rain
9. Cody - Final Destination
10. Danny Rock - Like A Speedy Car
11. Romeo - Game Over
12. Jackie 'O - Flippin' Out
13. Neo - I Was Born For Burning
14. Mister Fly - Night Fly
15. David Dima - Fight and Go
16. Energy Man - Bad Bad Bad
17. Overload - Terminator
18. Dave Rodgers feat. Alex De Rosso - Transmission
19. Fastway - Come On Baby
20. Queen 26 - Upside Down
21. Helena - Illusion
22. Powerful T. - Back To The Rising Sun
23. Magika - Planet Love
24. Erika - Fever & Music
25. Mark & Roby - Tokyo Tonight
26. Roswell - Rock In The Fire
27. Alexis - Night Prayer

Extract the whole content to the root folder of the game and have fun :)

Tools and some stuff used:
Trax Renamer
MCO Music Importer
iTunes Store (music store)
Vegas Pro 14 (editing) (music store) (music store) (music store)
Bandcamp (music store)

Delta Music Industry (for giving me the studio files for Turbo Disco and oh, check out their bandcamp and supporting them by purchasing their music)
BadHairDay (for the NFSU2 Music Importer)
nlgzrgn (for the Trax Renamer Mod)
EA Games (for the MCO Music Importer)


garpusiomay (June 24, 2023 @ 16:23)
hello, i did just like the instruction (copy files to game installation dir). but the tracks just the same as default, only tracks name were changed.

SIVIUS (June 21, 2023 @ 20:10)
Thank you I was looking for this for a while

Wch4n (June 03, 2023 @ 04:09)
Please note: the songs in this mod were originally came from both Lossless (Flac and WAV) and Lossy (iTunes 256kbps .m4a and recochoku/mysound/mora 320kbps .m4a) sources
And has been re-encoded to 320kbps .mp3 so it can be converted to .asf file using the MCO (MCO doesn't supported .m4a, flac and wav from what I can tell)

Wch4n (May 18, 2023 @ 11:34)

digidigidamdambure Digidigidamdondero Digidigidamdomdambure Duremdimdamdondero

Forty (May 15, 2023 @ 03:37)
F L I P P I N O U T !

Uploaded at: May 08, 2023 @ 14:35