JDM Pack V1 by Xpr3xa

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JDM Pack V1

Models taken from CSR2 and imported using DGI's tool. Credit to DGlorio for the plugin and Enthuse for advice adding the 3rd exhaust position, Soup for fixing the LFA badging texture

New Performance (Balanced, not meta but not super slow)
New Sounds
Proper positions for lights, exhaust, and wheels
Proper Emissive Textures
Custom rims

R34 has four different sound files
Sound 1: Mix of R34 sound from carbon and 2015
Sound 2: Mix of R34 from world and carbon
Sound 3 and 4: NFS 2015 and NFS Carbon
Sound 5: Test turbo sound. Try it if you want but I personally don't fully recommend
Bentley Super Sport (Nissan R34 S-Tune)
Carrera GT (Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition)


Installation Instructions:
To install the vehicle settings, copy the MS.BIN files from the mod folder into your Hot Pursuit Remastered VEHICLES folder and replace the old file
To install the new sounds, copy the EN.BIN file of your choosing and the ENCMP.BIN file from the mod folder into your Hot Pursuit Remastered VEHICLES folder and replace the old files
From then on, you should be all set

Final Update:

Both cars were completely redone, using what I've learned from since I first created this mod

Both cars now have proper emissive and light textures (even the interior emissives work, check them out at night time)

Shader detail has been greatly improved

Badges and Badge shader were fixed completely on the Lexus LFA

Conflicting IDs issue was completely fixed and no longer a issue. (Compatible with all mods)

Sound volume was lowered on both cars on account of the LFA drowning everything else out

R34's Light textures were remade by me, to be as accurate as possible

R34's hidden brakelight was yeeted

R34's Reverse light marker was yeeted in favor of the reverse emissive

R34's FOV Option was modified a bit to be more street racer friendly

R34's reverse gearing time was shortened

R34's camera was slightly lowered for more drivability

LFA has working mirrors now (don't know why I missed that)

R34 and LFA now have proper transparent grills and grill normals

LFA has correct color outlining (just check the before and after if you want to know what I mean)

LFA now has proper brakelight positions

LFA now has correct reverse light positions

Bugs: Due to the Carrera GT having a moving middle brakelight, the position may not be correct at speed with the LFA. Pretty unnoticeable during regular driving though.

Also this mod won't get another update again, unless it's for wrap support or if I missed a fixable bug/detail.

I suggest downloading V2 here if you are interested in more: https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/4777


First off RIP to Thrilla, who was a good friend of mine and loved this mod in particular. I've paid homage to him on his favorite car (The R34)

I've also done multiple fixes for the R34, added a better paint job, redid the normal maps, removed some garbage from the interior, fixed some textures that should've been transparent, etc.

Also including the Z-Tune sound mod. But this car is still slower than the Z-Tune. I highly recommend installing the Z Tune mod when it drops in the Expanded and Enhanced pack, since that is the successor mod to JDM V1, V2, and Euro Pack.

Camera mod that was previously a separate file is now included with the regular car. No nonsense rotation so you can drive this car normally with a better sense of speed.

LFA was given the fixed and improved sound file, so no more incompatibility with the GT2 RS (criterion in their infinite wisdom made the carrera gt use a 911 sound file that the GT2 RS shared, resulting in terrible sounding engine notes whenever both cars were called in)

The LFA itself will not be getting a model update, since the polished version of this car is in E&E. You can check the discord below to follow on updates regarding the project and future mods.

Thank you to all who have featured/reshared the mod on YouTube. I appreciate the credit and viewership. However I do agree with Xplosion that JDM is not fitting for this game 😂

Anyways last update for good this time.

If you have any issues contact me on discord: Xpr3xa or my server: https://discord.gg/vMPtd4PjCp

Some Leftover Photos:

New Paintjob (replaced the default glacier white)

P.S. I will not be releasing the Varis supra with this mod since that is one of the worst looking bodykits I've ever seen for the car, right next to the abflug, and it has so many issues I will not even bother wasting my time with. I only even released that junk because people kept asking for it. Just drive the Ridox supra when it releases, or the Supra LM in the meantime.


Xpr3xa (June 07, 2024 @ 01:38)
I swear this site should have a tutorial linked on "how to read". Like if it isn't painfully obvious in the photos that this is for the remastered version, it literally says so under the installation instructions?

Xpr3xa (June 07, 2024 @ 01:36)
@BattyMare419 https://imgur.com/0LpV3Vs

BattyMare419 (June 06, 2024 @ 11:28)
Which game is this for again? HP '10 or HPR?

Fabri706 (June 04, 2024 @ 21:11)
You Follow Xplosion Too? The World is a tiny place huh?

Kvarkmeister (September 16, 2023 @ 20:54)
Oh I found one


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