Old style cameras for NFS ProStreet + shake and vibration reduction. by HectorDreemur16

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Old style cameras for NFS ProStreet + shake and vibration reduction.

The 'Old Style Cameras for NFS ProStreet + Shake and Vibration Reduction' mod focuses on solving the issue of the unpleasant camera in the original Need for Speed ProStreet. This modification drastically improves the camera perspective by adjusting angles, visual effects, and other key parameters to achieve a more reminiscent experience of the classic Need for Speed games, especially Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Do whatever you want with the mod, I didn't create the game or its codes, all I did was modify some values in NFS-VltEd to make the game the way I like it, and I'm just sharing it with you. I don't understand why that should have copyright.

For those who have difficulty understanding English and want to know what the modscript configuration window says (use Google Translate):

Installation Mode: Choose whether you want to install or uninstall the mod to restore the game's default settings.

Install Mod
Unistall Mod

Vibration Intensity Adjustment: Select the intensity of camera vibrations. You can choose from the original game's configuration.

-55% (A reduced vibration effect that is still aggressive enough to provide a sense of speed.)"
-60% (Provides a vibration effect more reminiscent of the older Need for Speed games.)"
-70% (A very subtle vibration effect that is only noticeable at high speeds.)

Hood Camera Position Adjustment: Decide whether you want to install the centered camera or keep the game's default setting.

Original Hood Camera
Centered Hood Camera


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