Unlock Everything by Spikyyn

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Unlock Everything


Basically unlock everything ingame. This includes cars, signature styles, poses, and other locked (+ hidden) stuff... The only exception is the banner stickers which I couldn't unlock them manually.

Safe to use in multiplayer. Should be compatible with some mods like Unbound Remix.

Installation instructions is provided inside readme file.

05/22/2024 - Unlocked the Vol 7 online character presets, this should be the last update for Vol 7.
05/21/2024 - Both unlock everything and bodykits mod were updated to Vol 7 with new unlocked items.
02/28/2024 -
* Unlocked more stuff that I missed (ugh), most of which were Audi customization parts
* Added an optional mod that tries to unlock customs and speedpass bodykits in some of the cars.
02/27/2024 #2 - I forgot to add the Vol 6 rims (and also AI character avatars), update the mod again yall ;)
02/27/2024 #1 - Audi, projections, titles, and MORE!
11/12/2023 - Unlock Aux upgrades
11/02/2023 -
* Removed unlock requirement for the Lotus Emira Balmain (I forgor)
* Unlocked pro-elite performance upgrades without upgrading the garage
* Unlocked moar clothes that I missed (not the ones that I can't actually unlock (including palace clothes) )
10/13/2023 - Updated to Vol 5 and unlocked new items (aswell as some previous DLC clothes).
08/31/2023 - Updated to Vol 4 hotfix (1.000.012).
08/17/2023 - Updated to Vol 4 and unlocked new items.
06/22/2023 -
* Unlock the rest speedpass stuff and others i missed (Except the clothes, which i'll include them soon If i can. Doesn't actually unlock the entire DLCs).
* The update of this mod also adds unused poses btw.
06/21/2023 - Mod now built on latest Frosty for Vol 3 update.
Please use the latest build of Frosty for now by redownloading the zip file(s) on proton drive link (mentioned in readme file)!


NotSkript (May 29, 2024 @ 14:26)
7.0.2 update broke this, needs an update

Racer1997 (May 29, 2024 @ 06:49)
Funktioniert Einwandfrei jedoch zum neuen Update muss was vorgenommen werden die Mod an sich lädt da gibt es keine Probleme jedoch wird das Spiel sofort Beendet weil die Mod nicht kompatibel mit dem neuen Update von Unbound ist.

sonst Top hab sie vor dem Update genutzt und absolut Grandios

NotSkript (May 27, 2024 @ 00:34)
This is working, but for some reason everytime I use it, the game seems to have rendering issues. While still in the garage, the other cars will not load when trying to change it, making it hard to know what tuned car you're trying to buy.

SaturnsRing (May 26, 2024 @ 23:20)
@KLEIN478, seems my issue was a complete false alarm. EA had serious server issues that day and lots of people temporarily lost content. Sorry!
@driftking, if you purchased any of the unlocked cars, and uninstall the mod- you'll be able to keep them. If you had planned on grabbing them from the buy menu after uninstalling, you're out of luck as they disappear from there when the mod is removed.

driftking (May 25, 2024 @ 15:32)
hey man, first thank you for the cool mod. working fine!

can you tell me, what happens if i uninstall the mod and playing normal? what happens with the cars? or is the game saved by the save game file in documents folder?

thanks in advance.

Uploaded at: May 30, 2023 @ 13:11