Enhances the police "box in" tactics by jijfa

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Heat

Enhances the police "box in" tactics

This mod enhances the police boxing tactics and improves the performance of police vehicles. It removes the offensive actions of the police except for blocking.
The 5-heat is extremely challenging. Police can surround vehicles with a performance rating Within the range of 400.
This mod includes both the original version and the Heat Remix version.
Heat Remix mod:https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/3796
- Install Frosty Mod Manager (you can find instructions for how to do this on Unite's Discord Server)
- Make sure that Origin, Frosty Mod Manager and NFS Heat executables have Admin privilages (do this if you are having issues)
- Extract the zip file anywhere, so that you can see the .fbmod file
- Press the Add Mod(s) button, locate the previously mentioned .fbmod file, select it and press the Open button
- Press the Apply Mod(s) button
- Press the Launch button to start the game


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Uploaded at: June 05, 2023 @ 14:21