NFS Prostreet Pepega Music Pack by D64 by Donato64

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NFS Prostreet Pepega Music Pack by D64


This mod for the pepega edition of need for speed prostreet adds a music pack made by me (Donato64; the mod creator) that will be updated (adding more) depending on the circumstances.

How to install:
the mod is compressed in a rar. to extract it is the .mpf and .mus files of the game and the playlist of the songs.
The above mentioned files should be moved to the following location: Need for Speed ProStreet Pepega Edition\SOUND\PFDATA.
and make a backup copy before pasting and replacing it to avoid an error.
and the playlist file move it to the scripts folder then to playlist and paste it.
and if you are done with these steps when you open the game you should have the songs added.
PB: If the songs are low, set it to "stereo" instead of "surround".

Tool used:
Snr Tools

Song List:
Pixies & The Prodigy - Debaser vs Invaders Must Die (
Blue Salami - I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up (
Gran Turismo No.4 (
Gran Turismo 4 | Arcade Mode -Space Jam- (
Last Resus (
Memetallica - bOne(r) (
Through the Tables and Memes (Deleted Video)
Venjent - Open the Door (
Venjent - Create Machines (
Venjent - Negroani (ft. Biometrix) (

Updates History:

-Various arrangements of songs from Clone Hero


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Uploaded at: June 06, 2023 @ 19:10