Koenigsegg Agera R by Xpr3xa

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Koenigsegg Agera R

Model taken from CSR2 and imported using DGI's tool. Credit to DGlorio for the Plugin

New Performance (Based on the real life spec sheet from the Koenigsegg website)
Accurate Sound and Turbo BOV (For Racer vehicles too)
Proper positions for lights, exhaust, and wheels
Proper Light Emissives
Wrap Support

Replaces: Koenigsegg Agera


Remade the car from scratch using a higher quality base (CSR2)
This means there is no more underbody bug (Still don't know why dgi's exporter didn't export it properly)
Higher Quality Interior and Textures
Higher Quality wheels
Higher quality engine mesh
Details like the ghost squadron logo that was missing from the original mod have been readded
Added Proper Interior and Light Emissives (Accurate to the real car)
Added wrap support (It's not perfect, as it would've taken way too long to separate the car part by part by hand, but it will suit most needs)
Improved more realistic sound:
(Used NFS Paybacks Huarya Sound, which is really taken from a Agera RS, and reused Rivals Agera Exhaust sound, both pitched up to match the rpm of the real car)
New Ignition sound taken from the regera (NFS Payback)
New Turbo Sounds
Better sounding turbo spool
Garbage Transmission whine was muted
Added better engine tone

Performance was adjusted, so it no longer will do 294mph down westbeach freeway on turbo (idk how it did it in the first place tbh because the car wasn't even set up specs wise to be able to reach it in the first place but whatever)
Now it has more balanced perf (top speed was cut, accel was improved using engine specs from the real car, gearing was tweaked and optimized, and stability was slightly improved)
Handling stayed the same from the previous car (still handles miles better than the regular trash agera lmao, but people are clearly willing to drive garbage as long as it has the same wheelbase)
I recommend using this car in online too, as it's pretty fun and makes a great contender to the McLaren F1 and CCX. As it should have been!

Update 2:
Fixed see through roof bug
Fixed and improved interior and engine detail
Fixed taillight shader
Better performance (I cba to unpack the old perf so it's using perf from hpr e&e (wip mod)

Comparison Video: https://youtu.be/3HwX7AQPiPw



Installation Instructions:
To install the vehicle settings, copy VEH_383808_MS.BIN from the mod folder into your Hot Pursuit Remastered VEHICLES folder and replace the old file
To install the new sounds, copy VEH_383808_EN.BIN and VEH_383808_ENCMP.BIN from the mod folder into your Hot Pursuit Remastered VEHICLES folder and replace the old file
From then on, you should be all set

If you have any issues contact me on discord: Xpr3xa#0225 or my server: https://discord.gg/6FJT3UwDAn


Xpr3xa (February 20, 2024 @ 22:28)
-yappersville high

124444 (February 20, 2024 @ 20:05)
И пойми что мои слова насчет jesko не из воздуха взяты , а основаны на наблюдениях и сравнении с другими гиперакарами которые ты сделал

124444 (February 20, 2024 @ 19:49)
А за Agera R у меня получилось в трассе Born in the USA 2:36:69 , а за jesko у меня поучилось 2: 41 :90 чтоб ты понимал это трасса небольшая и недостатки jesko в плане нитро, разгона и дрифтов очень сильно сказывается на результат. Просто понимаешь от такой машины как jesko от самого совершенного гиперкара как раз и требуется , ожидается то что она будет выигрывать у абсолютно каждой машины, а не проигрывать любой машине . И еще сделай так чтобы jesko заменяла Koegnisegg CCXR

124444 (February 20, 2024 @ 19:35)
Вот это обновление заслуживает лайка, молодец сделал крутую машинку, обнови также до такого же уровня jesko только оставь максимальную скорость в 470км/ч ,сделай ему крутое нитро, ускорение и дрифты и jesko будет тоже крутой машинкой


Uploaded at: June 08, 2023 @ 20:22


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