Volume 1 Loading Screen by HarGabt

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Volume 1 Loading Screen

Use new fork of Frosty Tool Suite 1.0.7 in the link below


Basically, this mod replaces the loading screen from your Vol.5 to the original one, just in case you get bored from the current loading screen.

The reason for this mod to exist was me getting annoyed by, tired and bored of the loading screen of Vol.2 and its Maybach I did not feel like looking at every time I get into the game.
As for Vol.5 splash screen, devs apparently screwed up Depth of Field settings for their game and the bokeh effect in my opinion looks like ass, including the splash screen. All because Ultra settings preset doesn't set the effect to Ultra but High.

All credits (more like kudos) to elaymm4 for keeping the texture in its perfect uncompressed condition.


You'll need selphea's fork of Frosty Mod Manager 1.0.7 that is compatible with Volume 5 update, and which you have to either compile or ask for a precompiled build, as it is not readily available.

Version history

3.0 (October 29, 2023) - Updated so it's compatible with Volume 5 Hotfix 1 update.
2.0 (August 20, 2023) - Updated so it's compatible with Volume 4 update.
1.0 (July 04, 2023) - Initial release.


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Uploaded at: July 04, 2023 @ 11:19