Vauxhall Corsa 1.8 Sri Extended Customization(Unlimiter V4) by rybetasz

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Vauxhall Corsa 1.8 Sri Extended Customization(Unlimiter V4)

-Another UG2 port made by me.I always liked this car in ug2.

-Tried to make hd as possible, improved the model, fixed sharp edges etc.

-Thanks to ErceA for helping me with the model.

-It's have custom icons made by me, Vee and radiq.

Price: 27.000$
Unlock: From Start

Roof Scoops
Brakes(With Leftover Brakes Fix)
Hoods(32 + No Hood and Stock CF)
-Engine Swap(Stock+ Level1 + Level2)
-Roll Cages(Stock + Level1 + Level2)

Known Issues:
Model itself have some problems.
-Added Decals

-Improved the rear windows.
-Fixed RenderingOrder bug.
-Fixed Kit01's UV Mapping
-Fixed Interior
-Fixed brake positions
-Adjusted Kit Tire Offsets

-Thanks to Yochi,WF4123,LRF Modding and Maiker for the reports.

If you see any issues pls report to me.(Discord: nerepl1#0000)

Converting the model: rybetasz
Improving the model: rybetasz, ErceA
Custom Icons: rybetasz, radiq, Vee
Custom Textures: rybetasz

Thanks to ErceA, radiq, Vee, Maiker

NFS CarToolKit,VltEd,TexEd by nfsu360
NFSMW Extended Customization,Unlimiter by nlgxzef
Binary by maxhwoy


Erce (August 07, 2023 @ 07:44)
Galiba araba oyundan kaldırılmış.

grixan99 (August 06, 2023 @ 23:42)
some details are excessively smoothed (where angularity is necessary), the edging of the brakelights should be black, and not in the color of the body(sorry for bad english)

rybetasz (August 06, 2023 @ 19:24)
@amiata Skyline will release soon.Yes i'm planning to update my old mods too after skyline.

rybetasz (August 06, 2023 @ 19:23)
@WF4123 thanks!

amiata (August 06, 2023 @ 18:43)
Good job on this mod, really liked it, i have 2 questions regarding your mods.
First, about your skyline r34 mod, is it going to be released anytime soon?.
Second, do you plan on updating your older mods (like the dbr9, eb110 and the s281) with unlimiter v4 support?.