The Run「Framerate Unlocker」 by _mRally2

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The Run「Framerate Unlocker」

This tool unlocks the framerate of all Story Mode cutscenes and any other sequences that lock it to 30fps.

  • Framerate unlock during all Story Mode cutscenes, menus and garage. Special thanks to Brawltendo
  • Lock the framerate to 60, 120, 144, 165, 240 or 360
  • Toggle the rendering of the vehicles inside the Main Menu garage like they were displayed in the demo version

  • Open the game before using the tool
  • Enable it by pressing F5 preferably before the PRESS ENTER screen
  • Use F6 to toggle the rendering of the vehicles in the garage. Comes enabled by default
  • Use NUMPAD 7 to lock the framerate to 60fps
  • Use NUMPAD 8 to lock the framerate to 120fps
  • Use NUMPAD 9 to lock the framerate to 144fps
  • Use NUMPAD 4 to lock the framerate to 165fps
  • Use NUMPAD 5 to lock the framerate to 240fps
  • Use NUMPAD 6 to lock the framerate to 360fps
  • Use NUMPAD 1 to unlock the framerate. Comes unlocked by default

  • The replacement of the string "PRESS ENTER (TO BEGIN)" works only if you launch the game with keyboard controls
  • The quick-time event buttons might not appear on screen during in-game cutscenes
  • The time available for each quick-time event gets reduced the higher the framerate
  • The speed of some in-game cutscenes is altered due to the unlocked framerate
  • You might get some camera bugs when cutscenes are playing
  • If you get out of bounds at the Smoky Mountains time trial and later on you either get busted or you wreck your vehicle, you will end up in a softlock
  • If you select a vehicle with the rendering inside the garage on and you go one step back, the vehicle will get invisible until you select a new one
  • If you quit the garage with the rendering inside the garage on, it will take some time due to the game killing each model instance

  • This is an attempt at unlocking the framerate and it is by any means perfect
  • The recommended framerate to play is 60fps. At higher framerates vehicle sounds, quick-time events and bullet aim get messed up
  • Is recommended to lock the framerate to 60, 120, 144, 165, 240 or 360 using the method provided here. Avoid using any other third party software for that matter
  • Glitches appear during in-game cutscenes if the frametime is not stable. Playing in fullscreen is recommended
  • Is recommended to set Vertical Sync to ON inside your NVIDIA Control Panel to avoid glitches during cutscenes
  • Is recommended to set Power Managment Mode to Prefer Maximum Performance for more stable framerates
  • Cheat table containing the source code which the trainer has been built with is available inside the Code folder
  • By using any piece of code code shared here you agree to credit the respective author once your mod or tool gets released to the public
  • You are allowed to repost or reference this mod in any modding website that hasn’t been published on yet if and only if you follow the same design and structure used here
  • Your antivirus might detect it as a threat. It’s a false positive. The tool has been built using a custom compiled version of Cheat Engine 7.3
  • I am not responsible for any damage caused to your system by this tool so use it at your own risk
  • I do not own the rights of the art seen on the cover and thumbnail of this product. It’s a fan art for illustrating the purpose of the product itself. All rights reserved to Electronic Arts Inc.

Check out my Github and support me for future releases of mods and tools for this and other games.


Ilmirchik (June 10, 2024 @ 04:43)
Why does my car use brakes in cutscenes?

ApolloS23 (December 16, 2023 @ 00:03)
How do I use the CT file?


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