The Run「TOD Randomizer」 by _mRally2

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The Run「TOD Randomizer」

This tool randomizes each map level's time of day setting on both career and challenge series events.

  • Randomizes the time of day of Story Mode events
  • Randomizes the time of day of Challenge Series events
  • Night Run! Play the entire Story Mode during the night

  • Open the game before using the tool
  • Enable it by pressing F8 preferably before the PRESS ENTER screen
  • Use F7 to toggle the Night Run. Comes disabled by default
  • Do not close the tool once in-game, let the tool work in the background as you play
  • It’s compatible with the rest of the trainers previously featured

  • The replacement of the string "PRESS ENTER (TO BEGIN)" works only if you launch the game with keyboard controls
  • San Francisco Escape doesn’t have a night setting available in the randomizer due to not being implemented by the original developers
  • Las Vegas Rival Race, Las Vegas Alley Escape, and Chicago Downtown Escape don't have a time of day change for the randomizer due to VisEnv overlaps
  • Las Vegas & Chicago Downtown Car Select cutscenes will not get the time of day randomized due to technical problems
  • Out of bounds and wrong way detection is set to off since some of the time of day settings change assets of the map which leads to slightly different patterns

  • Enabling Night Run disables the Time Of Day Randomizer and viceversa
  • Out of Bounds and Wrong Way timers have been disabled for the New Jersey Junkyard Stage 10 event
  • Cheat table containing the source code which the trainer has been built with is available inside the Code folder
  • By using any piece of code code shared here you agree to credit the respective author once your mod or tool gets released to the public
  • You are allowed to repost or reference this mod in any modding website that hasn’t been published on yet if and only if you follow the same design and structure used here
  • Your antivirus might detect it as a threat. It’s a false positive. The tool has been built using a custom compiled version of Cheat Engine 7.3
  • I am not responsible for any damage caused to your system by this tool so use it at your own risk
  • I do not own the rights of the art seen on the cover and thumbnail of this product. It’s a fan art for illustrating the purpose of the product itself. All rights reserved to Electronic Arts Inc.

Check out my Github and support me for future releases of mods and tools for this and other games.


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Uploaded at: August 09, 2023 @ 15:32