Aston Martin DB5 (Binary) by Emosen11

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Aston Martin DB5 (Binary)


Aston Martin DB5 (Binary)

İts time for revisiting most iconic british car for the Bond , James Bond

Rauny did ModLoader , N4SRazer did Ed , and i did Binary installation for this car but with some improvements (Permissions are acquired)

Huge thanks to Kenja for performance improvements and fixes

1 - İnstall the Binary endscript named " install " in Binary and save
2 - İnstall the .nfsmws files "db5_install.nfsms" in VltEd and save
3 - Drag and drop the files in the " Mod " into game's location
4 - Mission Completed


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Uploaded at: August 20, 2023 @ 22:29