[NFS: MW] Smol Vee-nyl Overhaul by Vee-Tec

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

[NFS: MW] Smol Vee-nyl Overhaul

This mod aims to improve the 'Special' Vinyl Category for NFS: Most Wanted by giving them a custom icon and also making it easier for people who aren't familiar with Binary to add custom vinyl. This mod also automatically detect your NFS: MW Unlimiter version. However, in order to get the custom icon working, installing Unlimiter V4 is a must.


The installation step is simple. I've already included a Readme.txt file with the mod, but I'll write it down here anyway, lol.

1. You only need Binary
2. Make sure you already have NFS: MW Unlimiter installed
3. Open your Binary & select "User Mode"
4. Choose "Binary Data Install.end"
5. Select your MW folder
6. Save
7. Enjoy the mod

Adding Custom Vinyl

1. Prepare your vinyl file (You can download it from nfsaddons, nfsmods, nfscars or make one by yourself :D)
2. Make sure it's in .dds ARGB format
3. Rename your vinyl file in this format
- XNAME_CUSTOMXX (XX = 01 - 20) for the main vinyl file
- XNAME_CUSTOMXX_MASK (XX = 01 - 20) for the mask
4. Open the VINYLS.BIN with Binary or Tex-Ed 1.7 (VINYLS.BIN is located in YOUR_MW_FOLDER/CARS/CARNAME/VINYLS.BIN)
5. Add your vinyl (for Binary, you need to flip the Red & Blue channel first before you add it in the VINYLS.BIN)
6. Save
7. You can see your custom vinyl in 'Custom' category

Q: Can I use this to add some vinyl in Most Wanted Pepega Edition?
A: Yes

Q: Will this work for Modloader?
A: Nope

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  • elaymm4
  • Valkyrie


LuckyLuke (August 27, 2023 @ 20:28)
I like this mod, but it changes the name of the vinyls, caused maybe from different language. Even change it with LangTool doesn't work and I can't find the strings in order to change myself. How can I change their in-game names?

gladiusm3n (August 27, 2023 @ 12:20)
@hiddenmask58 pre-release of v4 is available.

hiddenmask58 (August 26, 2023 @ 23:33)
I thought unlimiter MW is still at version 3


Uploaded at: August 25, 2023 @ 15:41