Heatified - NFS Unbound transformed into NFS Heat! by elaymm4

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Heatified - NFS Unbound transformed into NFS Heat!

Version 1.2

This mod attempts to transform some of the visual elements of the game to the ones from NFS Heat, mainly including lighting presets.

Key changes:
  • Midday, Sunset, Overcast & Night lighting presets from NFS Heat
  • Rainy versions for each lighting presets, with Tealnight one being also having more dense fog
  • Nitrous visual effect from NFS Heat
  • Beta NFS Heat plate as default plate
  • Early placeholder "Florida" plate which replaces Unbound's version of Florida plate
  • Palm City police plate
  • Cops appearance changed to NFS Heat ones, with daytime and nighttime variations for choice
  • Loading screen can be replaced with NFS Heat one, Heat one with Unbound reveal colors, or "Heat one with Unbound reveal colors" but with a fun twist
  • NFS Heat blue and pink checkpoint & barrier colors
  • Absurdly clear beta NFS Heat reflections

All additional information is provided in ReadMe.

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aasuka (October 14, 2023 @ 04:48)
The author's game has been updated, so the module also needs to be updated.

Uploaded at: August 25, 2023 @ 21:21


e04a61-Heatified (v1.2).7z (Size: 549 bytes) Latest Version
8e5f2c-Heatified (v1.1).zip (Size: 665 bytes) Old Version
f4dd33-Heatified (v1.06).7z (Size: 33.77MB) Old Version