Natural Lighting for Most Wanted by CaptainTany

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Natural Lighting for Most Wanted

NOTE: The current version of Xbox 360 stuff 3.0 Beta, as of now since fresh release, has some problems reducing Black bloom amount in Visual Treatment settings through Extra Options mod. I haven't tested this issue with the alternate shaders that version 3.0 of 360 stuff provides but to achieve the same results as the thumbnail above you will need to reduce the black bloom amount which is currently not happening through extra options as in it only lets you control the color filter (RGB values) and not the color bloom intensity or the black bloom intensity. I'm not saying there's a problem with Xbox 360 stuff 3.0 mod itself, but in terms of using my rehsade to get natural lighting you must (as of now) use the older Xbox 360 stuff 2.4 Beta.

This reshade mod aims to make the game look as natural as possible. You will have to use ExOps and BAM and ReShade v5.9.1 or later to get the same results. The settings I used are included in the zip file but to avoid permission conflicts with the mod creators, I just included the .ini setting files for each important mod like B.A.M. and ExOps and a reshade preset file. The install instructions plus screenshots are included in the zip file.
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Uploaded at: August 30, 2023 @ 07:54